Coming up short

Coming up short

I have never been taller than any of my classmates. I am 5-foot-1. Only if I wear my 5- inch heels, I could come close. 

“I never realize how short you are” is never new to hear. Another one is, “How tall are you?” I have never been bothered by these questions. I hear a lot of short jokes and I am asked if I am tall enough to go on rides at amusement parks.

It comes as a surprise to many that I am taller than my mother, who is 5-foot, and I wear most of the same sizes of shoes. I am always wearing her shoes instead of buying my own. It is great that we have the same taste.

I spend a good amount of money on heel and platform shoes, so it is convenient that I do not have to always buy new shoes. I sometimes find myself wearing two pairs of socks with my mom’s shoes. 

I hear a lot of short jokes and I am asked if I am tall enough to go on rides at amusement parks.”

— Caris Weinberg

When driving, for my mom and I, it can become difficult to see out of the back of the car. She has driven Cadillac Escalades for years now and has always required a pillow to sit on when driving them. She recently traded in her Mercedes-Benz so I got her pillow from it for my own. One day, I would love to try to drive the big Cadillacs, but I think that would be a lot to take on for my size.

It is difficult to buy clothes online. Every dance, I have to alter my dresses. It can get really expensive professionally, so either my mom or I will alter my clothes. I practically learned how to sew when I was younger. I perfected the skill when creating a Latin Con costume freshman year. I was awarded 1st place in the costume contest when dressed as a Danaid.

Cons of being short are not plentiful for me. It has been something I have dealt with my entire life. I am not often, or that I know of mistaken for another age. 

When I was participating in the ensemble of the winter musical, “Young Frankenstein”, my mom was asked if I was going to be in the elementary and middle school production, “The Little Mermaid”.