Matt Newberry

Abby Ellison: spitting on you in pre-k, getting separated on the first day of lower school for talking, writing my name in sharpie on your garage floor, put your hand on my thigh, annoying Mr. O’Hara…or any teacher we have a class with, riding the hoverboard down the stairs, WEST PALM, calling Aden at dinner, front row at the Imagine Dragons concert, interrupting your French class before physics, always coming to birthday dinners with my family, music midtown, trips to shell during breakfast/long lunch, always listening to “can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake because it’s your favorite song ever, never going to a dance together :(, being the best sister I never had and didn’t deserve <3; Jenny Belle Butler: playing just dance alone in your house, butler family dinners, jakey poo and vallie wallie and saríta, the jake voice., harmonicas, world burn, dickey farms, fluffy cheeks, car jams, jeneane’s on fridays, “LOOK I’M BALD,” prom 2019, S-I-M-P squirrels in my pants, music midtown, making lots of food, eating lots of food, sneaking into your house for the jump scare, marvel movies, lego star wars/lego marvel/disney infinity on the xbox, roasting each other constantly, trying to out-do ourselves when it comes to gifts, crying over Pixar movies, making croissants and cheesecake too fast, the ~loft~; Riley Davis: number 17 the spread eagle (+ brogdon’s gasp), political/family talks, JJ, getting food, spain is a city in italy, audie inviting me to spend the night, lol chicken, baja blast runs, circle k runs, CFA mini trays, fazoli’s, the imPASTAs, freshman year sadie’s date walls, “take care of my girl” → “UM YOU’RE WELCOME”, matchmaking…, “Who I’d Be” with Noah, our dreams of Redhead and 9 to 5 and literally everything, predicting the cast list every time, ISS=taxes, pasta in the bath after swim, only pooping at home, being a man in the good doctor, wednesday card card tournaments, yodeling, being inconveniently vegetarian, breaking the quarantine to hang out and spend 2 days getting your car, annual wednesday game tournaments, shaking it out + sitting in solemn silence + the energy ball + emotional pre-show speeches; Riley Davis and Price Lee: V IS FOR VICTORY AND VELVEETA, carrying the swim teams, making tags, getting yelled at for missing practice, getting separated, swimming 200s and completing them, having our varsity letter held over our heads, *head tilt* watcha doin down there?, talking to travis or each other to get out of practice, working on turns for well over 10 minutes and “just not able to figure them out so we have to work on them longer,” fighting trav on everything, senior night, vlogging the last practice, choosing the banquet awards and having to give speeches on the spot; Price Lee: Lew, crackhead energy in spanish, “wait Jenny Belle…he couldn’t lock the door back…he’s still here!”, my homeostasis is broken, doctora losing hope for us, DON’T GET BEAT, your mom’s pumpkin bread, doodling in AP Physics, elon fellows weekend, therapy on JB’s kitchen floor, helping you pick a college by 5pm on may 1st, being #supportive; Lucy Boswell: starbucks study sessions, key club, st. patty’s festivities, YOU DON’T KNOW THE BEATLES, sadie’s nugget trays, liza got shlorped in belize, same side of the booth couple, making fun of my date wall cutting skills, my bald cap, RIP bob, jeneane’s pot pie, photoshoots, taking care of each other’s fur babies, carpooling with Reid and Allie; Liza Boswell: michelle’s interns (RIP), 6th period with Mr. Harrington, telling me to stop/shut up, that’s what she said, “when it’s hard and ready, let us do the task,” last stratford dance, PUMPKIN MUFFINS, perpetually cold hands, hair smelling like Starbucks; Grey Faulkner: ddc fierce, the velveteen rabbit, dalmation and her spots, getting abused by hamp/austin in INSAB, italian cooking music, junior year relocation, sending the WEIRDEST tik toks, sweeping broken glass off the floor, jamaica roomies (RIP), riley’s air mattress post-sadie’s; Anna Grace Grossnickle: laughing like chocolate mousse, fighting with Steve, heated arguments, mode, making fun of each other in spanish, giving me tide pods for secret swimmer, duke merch galore, struggling over AP spanish, bruv, Sofia Vergara, AirPods are an investment, college carpooling whoop whoop; OG SOGGY: first of all—weagle pride, pizza nights, snaps from the tub, buff dip, the dent in riley’s ceiling, group facetime meetings, being the real ones; Andrew Delves: buff, what happens in spain stays in spain, come at me, being an aggressive driver, living in Tennessee; Hamp Tiller: helping Meggie and Riley convert you to being a theatre kid, inspecting me aggressively, choking me aggressively, to be or not to be, that is the question, quick changing into our tuxes, to thine own self be true; Carter Eddlemon: the glorious final outing before the quarantine, many future military discounts, your hair; Will Deal: taking naps in every class, the letter jacket over the sweatshirt vibe, being obsessed with yaki house, having the weirdest sayings, getting away with anything and everything; Samuel Barrow: that time you were a flond; Hannah Lovett: Totino’s Pizza Rolls™; Molly Garud: giving you the best secret valentine gifts :); señor season: the best friendsgiving ever, “who wants to go to jeneane’s?”, “I get free food there”, Clark getting left on read, Price never responding but showing up, Crazy 8 and group facetimes, random “hey I love y’all” texts; 2nd Period Study Hall: the long breakfasts and lunches were nothing but iconic—y’all made A days and E days the best; Katz Homeroom: tardy passes, the bipolar room temperature/humidity, sitting in alphabetical order at assembly, no bookbags on the desks, homeroom seating assignments, tardy passes, getting food and drinks taken away constantly, “tell him I’m walking up,” the announcements being read at 500 mph or not at all; The Weagles: never let the plaid die, keep the 4-peat going, cherish the Blimpies, always honor December 9th; Tomi Sogade: my day 1 pal, being the coolest and most talented person on the entire planet, turning you into a theatre kid, the toast song/drawing Mrs. Henderson as a witch in Mr. Reynold’s class; Maya Rubinstein: psychoanalyzing you via Snapchat, ranting about anything and everything together, cutting all of your lines in Young Frankenstein; Sophie Denisar: signing up Ms. Appleby for, freshman year Sadie’s, telling DK when literally anyone in homeroom is running late; Sara Kate Durkee: wheeling you to stats/spanish, having confiANza; Josie Lamb: hating you in third grade, deferred and waitlisted from UVA! :), study hall with Mr. Harrington/Mrs. Fleming/Mr. O’Hara during junior year, shane and dewayne (from our imaginary emo band in middle school. Because that was a thing that happened.); Elizabeth Sellers: our Miramar date, obsessing over Mike, post-SLB therapy with Abby, MOST EAGLE PRIDE; Elizabeth Sellers and Jenny Belle Butler: TREYBURNE SQUAD FOREVER!!!; Lillie Sweet Strickland: being obsessed with your dogs; Taylor Swan: doctora giving us the Lorenzo punto; Pep Club Rulers: changing the game completely, the bubble machine, the dunk tank lol; Arya Datta: ranting about C-Cup; Arya Datta and Neely Shah: arguing about heated topics in AP lit but agreeing the whole time; Rania Akbar: it’s frOnkenSTEEN!; Elinor Fenimore: calling you Ella on accident, being sarcastic as all get out, seeing you every day when I walk into physics; Elinor Fenimore and Sarah Pyles: teaching me how to tap dance (and, in doing so, scratch up the floor); Sarah Pyles: SARAH PYLES, scaring you, remembering doing theatre with Grey before me but I was there too, drama club, cleaning the costume shop, MLT work days, getting mad at me for not moving my window during The Pajama Game, rides in the car (+ making you go get food with me), duets, no one is alone (oof), all the same awards at honor’s day, clipping on your tail, always being the female lead (except for Ziggy lol), spontaneous black friday shopping and spending our money frivolously, convincing you to take AP chem, convincing you to take pre-cal, prom date (RIP), driving you around to the pit after every rehearsal, “i WaS tExTiNG yOu… sHe LEfT hER VeRy eXPenSiVe viOLiN iN ThE cAr!!”; Sarah Pyles and Shaw London: the best quick changing assistants Stratford Theatre ever did see; Shaw London: cat sitting for Murphy, slapping my hand on the window of the la-bore-atory closet door, together again for the last time; Maddie Fackler: being the most supportive person ever, getting the lead in your senior one act (I can feel it); Sabina Ajjan: beaners/sabean, weagle captainship, always making me laugh; Annika Brooks and Taylor Justice: my best pals during intern whenever I showed up; Taylor Justice and Ben Duke: ruining all my videos of Lizzo at Music Midtown; Ben Duke: always pulling through when I need it :); Haley Ellison: BOPPY!!! that’s all.; (The Other Matthew) Cooper: Thew, culturing you, slides, 4 cinnamon rolls, the way you say flannel, your first cookie after the GCSU meet; Ms. Haynie and Ms. Voss: the best ⅔ of my life so far, wolf boy, wizard of oz national tour, the hardest hitter, donkey dipping, teaching me everything I know, treating me like a son 🙂

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