Sara Kate Durkee

Josie Lamb– XC practice, cinna sticks, cheesy bread, the tik tok, your dancing skills, your phone at BK, Dominos fight in atl, SAF, coach Brandon, NCL, South Alabama letter, study hall, Jose Taylor Swan– Jenis, our love of music midtown, the cats, the gummies, UGA anthem, study hall, almost dying in lake wildwood when nate drove, ballet, tswift Ellen Adams– the guest bedroom at the lake, DQ hot fudge brownies, salads from the club, my strange food, the parmesan incident, your driving, clean out your car, the projectile on the bottom bunk, always late, Jenga, Music Midtown, Dolly’s, lake wildwood, SAT love Lillie Sweet Strickland– NCL, cheese boards, Dylan’s obsession with jefe, sophomore prom Holly Hunt– NYE sophomore year, buffalo chicken dip, rodeo, the freaking best, throwing it back w jefe, the boat, best mom Elizabeth Sellers– loading the wheel chair, dominos fight, soccer, doughies, your birthday sophomore year, hole in your knee Dylan Driver– XC practices, PreCal, the notebook, trying to force you to eat PB, wheel chair, Area champs Matt Newberry– Spanish, Cafe Conversaciones Jenny Belle– Disney, FOJ brownies, the XC hill, two time XC Area Champs Nate– Sadies, 8th grade romance, likes my parents more than me, margs, the lake, jefe, poppy, moon taxi “i’ve got like four here tonight,” study hall, susan JT– bff, sewanee, duet with nate, lake trips Hall– only missing 1 lake trip, Jenga loser smh Mary Elaine– bball, the gum, the bachelor, your mom’s desserts Molly- FOJ, ice cream sundaes, Brevard, Green Cove, Dolly’s, XC, SAF, goalies, our love of soccer lol, swim Helen- the ride to Moon taxi, XC, Disney Will Deal- Luigi

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