Mary Elaine Mitchell

Caroline: softball, basketball, soccer (well at least 2 games) coach brown, coach wall, Benadryl, foj dates, skillet cookies, Roxy, money- cardi b, switch it up, Soulja boy walkout song, point guard, free throw arc, 3 musketeers Shorter: our car rides, otw texts, pregame rides, stuttering, chicken biscuits, cookie, team dinners, concussions, your batting stance, your own sheets to hotels, 3 musketeers Elizabeth: basketball, your triangle cut sandwiches, chick fil a, shooting partner, teammate since way back, “it’s game day” sticky note, team dinner pasta, your laugh, the region championship freshman year Holly: human relations, sweet tea, almost passing out in basketball multiple times, fresh air, Crick, your lunches, morning practice bloody nose Nadia: beating FPD in every sport, softball diving catches, MDS walk off, coach brown being scared of you, the backcourt, pregame jump high fives, sunflower seeds, lotion, college basketball, signing day…rip Claudia: your broken rib, giving the basketball team bronchitis but it was probably corona, jammed finger, morning practice showers, being slightly dramatic Mary Spencer: sweet home Alabama walk out song, number 12, my basketball shoes, second base, almost hitting a HR at strong rock, your hits against MDS, coach brown Emily: basketball, post power, coach smith and coach wall Bailey: golf trips with pip, golf in general, softball pants with no socks, journalism, gas money Ellie: diva, always late, morning practice Kenna: softball, pre pitch conversations, pitching 40 innings to go to the region championship, dingers Madison: softball, soccer, chief hype, center back defense, your soccer cleats Jasmine: jazz, short stop, sliding into home against TSA Paige: turning double plays, second base, RBI’s Shelby: bandit, lead off, water, BK icees, Friday afternoons, football games, pregame jams, Harry and George, my child, my music, “Tik Tok music” Taylor: hitting bombs, chronic cough, third base, your arm, being old, your singing, pre pitch convos, dingers HG: your running, your hitting, first base Abby G: throwing out people, being adorable Abigail Crick: coach smith and coach wall, basketball, falling a lot Keondre: coach smith, basketball practice, “dunking” Jean Hightower: saving my butt on defense, soccer, adorable Gracie J: your back, basketball, soccer, Harmony Ann Marie Sikes: basketball, your spray tan Lawson- QB1, journalism Katelyn Meece: FCA, Ingleside Helen Pope: being hilarious, Claudia Stephen: Coach pip and coach pierce, the golf team, golf bus rides Bonnie: dorie, basketball, keeping me hydrated, volleyball tournaments, the fifth region championship Ben J: golf trips, Pippen, your gum Harmony: Harms, basketball, summer basketball, puking on the floor during summer basketball, three pointers James Michael: Jimmyboi, Caroline AJ: journalism Mr. Gris Ellen: bachelor parties, creative writing, all the tea Samuel: homeroom, being bullied in 4th grade, my brother, the B club, tennis, freshmen year HOCO, junior year prom, sophomore English, junior year history Will Baxley: homeroom, bestie, creative writing, Coach Sweeney, dunking, senior year prom, Star Wars, 2001 Liza: eating a burrito with a spoon, coach wall and middle school softball, IFF Lucy: softball at ELCA 8th grade, freshmen year puke and rally trip to Villa Rica, softball, IFF, smarticle particles Jenny Belle: all things food, tennis, freshmen year softball, Treyburne parties and manhunt, Jake and Valley, Harry, Circa sushi, FOJ dates, the bachelor, chocolate croissant from Fresh Market, APPLES John Thomas: freshmen year Sadies, middle school Latin, middle school crush, homeroom, baseball, dingers, IFF Riley: FPD, stats, bio, Mrs. Sherri, THE chicken pot pie Deal: IFF-enough said Andrew: soccer, junior English, Suwannee, D3 besties  Sophie: halloween, lunch table convos, Jonas brothers, lit and film Sara Kate: middle school basketball, freshmen year basketball, smoothies, birthday parties at your house, the bachelor, your food instagram, puppy cuddles, the wheelchair, your lunches Carter: Clark, senior year Sadies carpool, the deer Abby: human relations, IFF, fried shrimp, libby and James, psychology, smarticle particles Molly: running, UGA, the bachelor Anna Grace: homeroom besties for almost every year, middle school spend the night parties, the ice cone machine, smarticle particles Graham: journalism, senior year Sadies, besties since day one, auburn, G$ guessing game Susan: hair skills, soccer, the traveling soccer days, the capri suns Drew: study hall, sports talk, lit and film Josie: soccer, the bachelor, always end of the lunch table seat, Flik cookies Price: study hall junior year, helping me pass chemistry, helping me pass pre cal, queen of the lunch table food Dell: Econ, human relations, psychology, senior faculty basketball game, golf, coach pip Lillie sweet: the bachelor, human relations, study hall, any kind of soup Taylor Swan: the best hostess, the bachelor, anything bachelor related, lunch table convos, failing both econ and stats, the bachelor convos before stats, not being tall enough to turn the projector on in stats (thanks Drew)


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