Jenny Belle Butler

Matt Newberry: manhunt games, your amazing man hunt hiding spot, jake voice, a hug (but a good one this time), and HDMI cord, every cooking/ baking supply in the world, my Lego Star Wars game, the Lego Avengers game; Abby Ellison: Nick Wilde, ballooney, the dock at Palmetto Bluff, The bikes (and bush) at Palmetto Bluff, the mouthwash bottle in the middle of the road, a Bob Ross painting, chocolate chip cookies filled with marshmallows, a spiral staircase, Harry Styles, every kind of One direction merchandise, Mr. Bear, CuRsIvE vOiCe, the game winning hit, furry, Apple (from awake, you know what I’m talking about); Price Lee: Harry Styles (especially in 2013), the Savage Tik Tok dance, a bunny, Simba, Prince Eric, voice messages, our amazing pool basketball skills, 7 Rings, the cute boys at the intersection (that may or may not be real), the Stratford Cross Country trail, chalk, Criminal Minds; Molly Garud: a rose, honestly just the bachelor in general, the Cross Country Trail, all the ice cream in the world, the FOJ brownie, your slippery dining room floor, hockey sticks, Ian Somerhaulder, The Vampire Diaries, Below Deck, Dolly’s Ice Cream, tripping everytime we hike; Susan Hightower: the ping-pong ball-shooting duck, snowflakes, kayaks, tubing, oreos with peanut butter, Burlesque, Pep Club, Painting up for the football games, the rainy MDS game, our L.A. trip (that we WILL go on), Crime Junkie, the racoons at Palmetto Bluff, the cold water in the lake; Lucy Boswell: Freedom Park, frozen pickle juice, Greek Corner Pizza, Shamrock, Charlie’s Angels, your backyard badminton court, CJTA, AcAdEmY 1, power braids and visors, the Cross Country Trails, being yelled at by Coach Sweeny, the Disney bus ride, my elmo threat; Liza Boswell: Freedom Park, The all star teams, our Championships (*flips hair in a sassy way*), watching the boys a state, a ripstick, bench press, Charlie’s Angels, my love for Sam and Petey, hit hit hit hit I love to play tennis; Anna Grace Grossnickle: Trying to kayak through the rough oceans of Africa with Raf sitting there doing nothing, pastries in Paris, aesthetically running down the steps of the eiffel tower, dark chocolate and white chocolate swirled mouse, Romeo and Juliet movie from 8th grade and our unwanted guest, the Cross Country Trail, ramen noodles; Riley Davis: Wriley, my undying love for Tater, Jake’s life jacket, Jeneane’s biscuits, Outer Banks, your amazing spotify playlist, 6th period AP Literature, a projector that actually works, my letter that i wrote for you at the beginning of quarantine but i still have it at my house for some reason; Samuel Barrow: my bowling skills (because i am better), a strike, one more pool basketball game, Rachel no Sally no Lindsey..wait her name is Sarah, Wild Wings, The girl from Pin Strikes (sorry about that), Fortnite, what do you meme, trying to scare everyone at the Lake, the wave, your sock tan; Carter Eddlemon: bowling (i will win one day), Coopers underwhelming underwater thingy, the waiter from Wild WIngs, Pinstrikes, the ball Liza hit you with at tennis practice, the ball you hit Coach Jaime with on the first day of practice, that horror movie you wanted to watch but no one else did, mini ping pong; Mary Elaine Mitchell: water balloon fights in your front yard, your puppies!!!, heping film a project at your house, the bachelor, Tyler C, Maddiosn Prewitt, Ant-Man, Upward Basketball, Middle School Softball, the slip-n-slide at softball practice, your mom’s brookies, your mom’s skilled cookies, small group, hurry hurry hurry, Apple (from Awake); Grey Faulkner: your really cool/ fancy sunglasses, diet coke, the train car in front of MLT, our old hip hop dance classes together, Matt’s whole scavenger hunt birthday party, my mom at Orange Theory, my mom falling off of the treadmill at OT, OrangeTheory just in general; Hannah Lovett: trying to kayak but failing miserably, the dock, just everything at the dock, nearly hitting you-know-who with tennis balls, Sahan’s game he made up for you, Hampton Tiller: ew I can’t believe I am writing this for you, your quality Tik Toks, the walmart brand avengers, paranoia, 11th grade apush, the 11th grade apush quote list, your chair; Andrew Delves: the walking dead, the avengers, the moment you spoiled infinity war for me, your buffness, our College Algebra Class (what a time), The buffness scale Ishan drew to show how buff you are, the office; Will Deal: big red (r.i.p.), our 11th grade APUSH table, again again, your unique language, the letter you wrote to Davis in complete “junior boy” code, middle school track, “Wes would do it”;Elizabeth Sellers: our old photo booth videos, the banana spider that used to live outside of your bathroom, summer hanhunt games, your trampoline, my basement so we can play house again, the cockroach that overflowed my toilet, exercise balls, cheer routines in your room that went terribly wrong; Sara Kate Durkee: literally every dessert on the face of the earth, the dark chocolate and white chocolate swirl mousse, gelato, gelato, gelato, jenis ice cream, watching AGG’s reactions at Tau in Africa, airport sushi, traveling to France with Raf; Miller Cranford: MINGUS REEDUS, Chris Pine, the lemonade at music midtown, Love Me Less, the docks at palmetto bluff, the swings at palmetto bluff, your scary, the Urban Outfitters in Nashville, Top Golf, being serenaded in lenox mall, One Time by Justin Beiber; The Stratford Tennis Team: the fear we felt when we hit Coach Jamie with a ball, another State Title, getting absolutely slapped by the Brookstone girls every year, huddling on the bus in the freezing cold in Athens, our Sonic Runs, watching Mark Paul do karate, Freddie’s, Tejas’ volleys, playing Sahan’s target game, Lora Kate’s goal of making all of us uncomfortable at times, The Game, Chick-fil-a before region; The Girls XC Team: the hill (oh the awful hills), Big Bertha, Marta’s poor shin, the bench that broke Marta’s shin, playing tag in the halls after school, last years Bleckly meet, Disney, the Disney XC course, Jasper and Coach Ginny on the golf cart, Trolls, Scavenger Hunts, freezing at the State meet. Azeem Fazal: Darius Rucker (that is all i have to say about that), Precal and Econ (what a time), Tomi Sogade; The job you promised me for when you get famous (which will happen), Old head, bread, beans, Wake up in the morning at six a.m grab a little jelly grab a little jam…, trashman, 4th period Econ, your future grammy. Maya Rubenstein, Hailey Firlotte, Annika Brooks, Sarah Pyles, Emma Jane Canady: Music Midtown (need I say more?), finding Mobley on the hill (oh no), losing several people, randomly finding yall at Madison Beer, Panic at the Disco, rolling down the hill. Ayush Patel: the bruise on my leg from a tennis ball, Griffin Matson, Juju, Juju Schuster, hanging with me near the bottom at Academy, the last day of academy before quarantine; Marshall Butler: your incredible dance moves, annoying me with the junior boy talk, Baby by Justin Beiber, Walter (or is it Roger?), Jeez!, Good Lord!, Michaeal Scott, Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica, Little Sebastian, Outer Banks (I apologize for watching without you), Candy Land, wrecking your hand in a game of spoons, skiing, the Orange Bubble with Ellis, accidentally going down a black, Ruel, SNL, Howdy Folks, Fire Marshall Bill, games with Bo where we tried not to laugh, playing house in our old basement, spiders, squirting one of the gray cats with a water gun, the old rope swings, Aunt Dixie’s trampoline, Froggy (didn’t you have like 3?), UGA + Sanford= boss.

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