Lillie Sweet Strickland

SEXY 7: derping, krystal, sophomore year, badlands, SSI, Taylor’s upstairs, kiss cam, eyeliner phase, Carly, Trish, music midtown, BK, our classic round of uber questions, Valentine’s Day feasts, bachelor nights, squad straws, “hEy tHiS iS LiLlIe SwEeT sOrRy I misSeD yOuR cAlL pLeAsE lEaVe a MeSsAgE”, bucket hats, dumpster diving at the Waldrop’s post Halloween party, Chinese fire drills, alien documentary, Publix desserts, Pineapple cups, Pam at SSI, mamalysolwipes, bass pro, brad, biscuit, hide and seek with Andrew, constantly consuming mexican, Friendsgiving, tennis skirts, Krystal party packs, Karaoke machine, Janie’s picture, Alexander Hamilton, the light up shoes, spice girls, waving at random cars, She’s Country, senior aquarium field trip, Chris at la parrilla, Tez tickles, Evana’s wings, the lake, dunes at spring break, Noah Lyu, huffy bikes, Goodbye Earl, hallway squad meetings Taylor- Tay Tay, TT, RIT4, fearless cheer captain, wandering around zeb at 1am, beach club, Frederick, your box fan, mustard chevron scarf, poodle, Herman during IFF, the upstairs, you know who rubbing their head against your leg, double dates, jarred salsa, our downtown photoshoot, reality TV, babysitting four boys together, Michael love triangle, shellfish allergy, Nappy Roots Good Day, pain of flossing, matching dashboard hula girls, Bobby, foot fetish, splitting the Nate bet with me, Miranda Lambert, Glee, night of the roof, world travels, Lucy Lee’s party, *that* trip to Albany, our stitch voice, wetting your pants, Will Kleingbeil, licking the salt off pretzels, getting Ellen the DQ strawberry funnel cake, Ryan from NYE, Wesley’s house that one time, tattling on the teacher for throwing things at us, licking my arm to give me the flu, me telling your mom too much, bringing together you and Wes, sky zone, spilling drinks on you at break, me removing your blackheads, cotton candy blizzards, abandoning me at cooking camp, SB jellyfish, Spanish class (yikes), devil to my angel,“Tailor”, man telling me I ruined the moondance trip, Paqui chips, your mom’s yellow feather earrings (RIP), lasered in AP, Go Dawgs Josie- “hot” guy at Rosemary, “we are off to the circus”, hours of FaceTiming and building forts, Shnelby Ruth, Kevin, Lady Baba, gatorade bottle, always thinking you’re dying, night of joy (sitting on girl’s lap), CG, frog, music midtown car ride, the time Robyn Lively called you her “biggest fan”, our skincare routines, Ruel, teaching me tik toks, Ben and Dylan, switching boyfriends that time, thuggy, Jasper, ping pong table, seXC, Disney trip, “Josie that’s HILARIOUS”, 6th grade dance, learning about Santa at Tybee,  ambassadors, toe touch pictures, the blu, your fainting spells at mm, wedding dress with air maxes, ab workouts, Seiler, your breathing problems, comparing our height, being “generous” at backpack, meerkats, my many goals at Upward, the girl remembering my number in Fiji, MAY955, weird collages we made for accelerated english, Wicked, VIBEZ, nightgown pics at SSI, unicorn beanie babies, tearing it up at Sadie Hawkins, our photoshoot with the huffy bikes, JoZiE, “Sammy who’s sammy?”, La Crema, Stephen (“nerd”), tying our fingers together with hair bands, running away from our moms, Brock Vandagriff pics, Rose to my Jack, Stephens taking us to concerts, NCL partner for life, Go Dawgs Elizabeth- Porky, Porks, Lizard, Mama Nugg, the long black cardigan, endless fighting, stunting, night of joy, Harry, Coke explosion at the cabin, “Huges”, Dylan, chick fil a, forever my best buddy, it’s raining men, selling tadpoles, blood dripping down your leg at waho, yelling at you after parties, young life, Soul Surfer, dog pee sweatshirt, your surprise “party”, ham sandwiches with yum yum sauce, waxing your lip, “act like you’re packin’ heat” bag of Jeneane’s out the window, Ricky Anne, going to the sick room, snuggling, double chin, thinking it was “tigga” instead of Tyga, fighting over Andrew, you just being a moron, making fun of your unibrow, third wheeling, eating the skin off mini corn dogs, Hunter Alexander, asking my mom medical questions, human bean, one shoulder cheer uni, “studying” on facetime, taking my stuff, you trying to break into my house, you corrupting Mack’s friends, Hadley’s, not brushing your tongue, your orphan vans, wrestling,“Thin”, the contract, reindeer stacking, asking Jonathan to kiss me on the cheek, spa night in the bathtub, fake toenails on my bday, the grapes, falling into the mud, tadpoles, lemonade stands, curling your hair, Indian tribe (loving lioness), Claude,  bus buddy, mayonnaise, your fingers, knox’s room, Trey, vanilla bean frappuccinos, cape San blas, journalism, Pierre (striped shirt), cankles, pronouncing the “th” in thai, thinking your intestines were two miles long, skeeter’s ashes, cheer bus buddy, corndogging, go rebs Ellen: our love/hate relationship, my sink, freshman boys, knowing the words to every song, cowgirl boots, making fun of my tupperware, wearing ski jackets to school, hair feathers, mandarin, mikata, your toes, ocean spray gummies, you being terrified of getting leprosy from a possum, the leaf suit, smellen, calling Liz “Tundra” and “Sahara Desert”, Little Mix, long fake nails, taking the Chick Fil A plant, telling every teacher Liz eats raw meat, grabbing your neck from the backseat, smadanyrhtaknelle, burpees for Mrs. Woodcock, skinny rednecks, telling the guys at the beach club we were sophomores in college, Crisp Rown, Chick Fil A breakfasts with Mike, Doritos, BO$$, making fun of me, Holocaust papers, music midtown guy, TAD, your fav song: Side Pony, lax god, arguments with Coach Bridges, big hugs to make you uncomfortable, cheer giving you hives, fish n pig takeout, the time you legit almost hit me, Kacey Musgraves, bathtub incident, making Logan’s “list”, me annoying you, Lellen, Grady bunch twitter, storying the pic of me with the cucumber, Go Bobkittens Holly: innapropriate conversations, human relations, sweet tea, ranting to each other, back of the 150 degree car, vampire, orange cards, your bottomless stomach, squeezing you, you and Nate’s future marriage, Holly Pop, Go Bobkittens Sara Kate: Jeni’s, the lake, Cory, spice drawer organizing, tricking me abt being adopted, cleaning water percolators at Vineville, Jackson Hole, your delicious desserts, Jefé Evie: EE, Zoozie, zoo wee mama, Christmas Elf, family vacas, Fiji, orange theory, the farm, prom night, “sharing” food, cross country, Cecil, Rosie, having to tell you a pickle is a cucumber, chatting it up with the owner at truffle pig, maxi pad, cream puff fight at the mtns, BULAAAA, giving me a concussion at Sophie’s, that one time at Emily’s, if it flies it dies, my wreck at the mall- “I hit THE cutest little Nissan”, our moms becoming “Savoy Motel” fans at Ke$ha, comparing stomachs, la Parrilla at 10:30, room temp ravioli, prisoner pony, fruity pebs, THE witch costume picture, Cagney and Lacey, scuba lessons, foreign part of the airport, late night salami, “but this is Bibb”, fijian face rash, seductive chihuahua, your lack of hydrating Shorter: ear candling, driving me when you were 14, youth breakfasts, sho sho and Lilsie, the night we entered womanhood together, timer pics, goth, fancy dinner dates, H&M adventures, driving you and Dell around, Harry Potter, status update, backpack patches, glitter eyeliner Helen: favorite person ever, “four”, your clothes Mary Spencer: “Holy junk”, “Mother of Pearl”, my baseball game buddy, you trying to tell me you had a “hump” on your hand Dell: la mageta, best buddies, dido, Nike, giving me your autograph for when you become famous, stealing my phone and setting alarms, you making fun of my clothes, 6th grade, music midtown, stealing my jacket, when  you started panicking in the LSC room, when you’re off your medicine, carrying my backpack, my dog almost killing you, punching you, borrowing your jerseys, you making me “tough”, Mrs. Fink’s home room, Rocky, community service with dogs, schedule buddies with Liz, dr katz yelling at us for talking, DC, “I’m going to ball you up and punt you” Susan: LSC buds, both of us having breakdowns Jenny Belle: NCL, tubing, playing “tribe” with Liz, the time I flew across your basement and probably had a concussion, Jaws, Waldon: love/hate relationship, the LSC, blueberry Claudia: cleaning the bathroom, Klendall, killing it on our walk Matt: accelerated english, Jeneane’s, me attending y’all’s Treyburne events NATE: the way you say Oconee, you almost failing out of math, Nafaniel, never agreeing on literally anything, gossiping, when Ellen shoved you, intern, the rodeo, fighting, ginger giraffe, people thinking we’re a couple, Monticello jokes, Mrs. Lanier, Wizard of Oz filming, getting kicked out of the LSC, the dog bed, you trying to force me in the elevator, first position, Fred to my Velma, hanging in the lower school sick room, the way you run Sophie D: 3rd grade, cheer, locking Addie in the play house that one time Jansyn: Jansy, Janny, zoology, Kendall: Kenny, bullying me, math FaceTimes, Klendall Sophie W: your house, West, the giant pickle at the basketball game, our Aleks struggle Sutton: driving you when you didn’t have a car Mary Elaine: I wanted to leave you something but idk what!!! Love you Hannah: third wheeling Mack and Peyton’s date, your house, your allergic reaction before the 8th grade dance Eli Miscall: my other little brother, making fun of me, telling me your girl problems, VS models Graham: our skiing accident, Roll Tide Grey: Mrs. Neville’s class, chinatown stash JT: my keychain, Mrs. Lanier, dipping your foot in the holy water in atlanta, you singing RESPECT in world cultures, only child Mack: croutons, the playroom, giving you rides, waves in the hallway, you asking if I have any friends, the mark on your arm, Nu Way, bath Niya: your spotlight in Mrs. Woodcock’s dance Carter Nystrom: $5 for the pickled okra Abby: gossiping during cheer, human relations


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