Sophie Denisar

Grey: falling out of stadiums, middle school, Lenox, our last brain cell, seventh grade, gazuntite, mamma Mia, dylexia, all my family functions, Meghan trainer, Charlie puth look a like, New Years 2019, first day of school selfies crazers, knowing the whole schools schedule, Waitr, KBW, tiffs treats, mart

Ellen: petite enfant, Valentino, rooftop dining at the palace, ritz, an 8 hour plane ride, schedule buddies, junior year math, airport security, seussical, Chanel lip gloss, no merci, lazy eye, Pangea, Auburn, pre flight stretching, licking monuments 

Abby: one direction, shake it up, the video edit, lag, lemons, girl meets world, thing one and thing two 

Taylor: junior year English, the multipurpose room, tater

Matt: six flags freshmen year, homeroom, the Minnie Mouse dress, cat in the hat and the things, Mr. McLains class, the brain, Luis 

Daniel: hobos, mrs Whitaker’s room

Arya: study hall with mr O’Hara, tennis, ranting 

Addie: tik tok, deep Roy, babysitting

Lila: carpool karaoke, Panera, April 29th, grilled cheese, one direction, circle K slushies, cookie competition 

Annika: I hope the baby can swim, half birthday, spring break 2019

Sarah: thigh stands, stunt group, spring break 2019 

Langley Anne: trying on golden gooses 

Maya: crying before middle school dances, the basement, spending the night every Friday night 

Grey and Ellen/ European trio: Europe will never be the same, yearbook, the eagles nest, physiology, google translate, berksha, flan, the safari van, Trisha, el Camino, ricochet off the chair, conspiracy theory, sucks to suck, lost in the louvre


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