Josie Lamb

Sexy 7: NARS highlighter, eyeliner, Ringworm, Crosley, heart to heart in liz’s room, Zoey 101 moped video, Albany and the pool table, moldy wings, Our hamster Brad (RIP), Virgin Piña Coladas, Albacon fita, the dopester, Snack locker, Noah Lyu, badlands, paul and olivia, alexander hamilton, the steam room, Prancersizing, derping, thursday night drives, Our family name, Music Midtown, Harry’s house, most likely to, Lake wildwood, Can stuffing, Keith stories, Stevie and Sam, Evana, bad moms and neighbors, NYE at sea island freshman year <3, spice girls, foo foo gang sh, mistuh mittens, ella tanner, camping out at dickeys that one time Taylor: those 4 things (movies, bingo, beach club, fam tree), family sea island trips, carter casaburo, jude, kentucky boys, bingo, lily clay really not liking us, meeting anna 4 times, sea island NYE, Ryan Steilen, carpooling, bwaff, 2am shenanigans, yogret girl, DWTS, The North Charleston Performing Arts Center, alan, bobby, milo, family tree, my spot on your couch, KNOXIE, your step brother, fiji, Gretchen, moondance reunions that happened without us, pretty little liars, sparia, BYOL, poodle and frog, eyeliner stage, vacuum duty, mary jane, skinny snapchat text, journalism, grants senior spotlight, milo not winning dwts, scuba diving, charger not being plugged into the wall, our 500 comment convo on my insta pic with lily clay, hank and my dad, the powerpoint, on the sax, doctora, our cheer dance to IYIYI, goosebumps, matt’s go pro, jeneane, patrick in chimney, i’m nottttt feeling good, the sea island green box, your house after jordan fishers, ribeye with kobe, cookies the dog, george porter, snoggin in the USA, when gretchen threw mud on you, drop kicking cookies the dog, fijian gender fluid kids, cheer captain, blacking out while meeting Milo, johnny snickerdoodle, blue hair dye, giving emma and witney huge hugs even though they did not want them, pepper, that sketchy man whispering at Krispy Kreme, the Harlem shake, Amy Adams, STEVENSON, the albany deb ball, stunt group, concerts with my dad, DAWGS Elizabeth: your special noodles, alexander hamilton, bryant jackson, calling me jobell, idfwu, the sea island dunes, nine wights, saran wrapping Jonathans truck, trusting you to drive me and lil home in 6th grade, being a good singer, being awkward during quarantine, andersonville, GAME OF THRONES, harry, going to bathroom with everybody at every party, always making sure we’re on the same level, pinatas, your 16th birthday, when you told me the pic i took as a joke was super cute and that i should post it, mclovin, mama nugg, being my dad, adidas track pants, littering Pierre yelling at someone to ride that bike, armin, your babysitter caroline, raw cinnamon rolls, jonathan wearing your shirt, the pictures you took in Andersonville, frozen corn dogs, hunter alexander, riding around with Keith and Kobe, finding ourselves at Cole Rowlands party, surprise birthday dinner with hunter, MAY955, the “sethlopods” at lil’s house, the sixth grade dance, my phone you ran over, sharing a 12 pack, phone calls, carter fink, cinna monkeys, the tesla, our makeshift blinds, dominoes argument, dropping your towel Lillie Sweet: Float blowing boy<3,  cross country, upward basketball, sadie from bball, hot heads picture, Frog, Carly, Trish, Disney, the XC group message we weren’t in, the blu, severe stomach pains at rosemary beach coffee shop, charger not being plugged into the wall, thuggy, gatorade bottle, YOU are a star, asking my grandfather what KIND of videos he likes to watch, your mom’s sandwich making skills on spring break, your sophomore year back porch party, crushing on josh, running at the club, mimi elashiry, mylifeaseva, cute girls hairstyles, Keith, being my twin brother harry, Stephen’s mean nicknames for us, extreme stomach pains during XC meets, Mrs. Liz, snelvin moopy, MAY955, reciting words backwards, your voicemail message, the ambassadors program, santa claus, the ugly cheer picture from 9th grade, ab workouts over facetime, the “sethlopods” at your house in middle school, the sixth grade dance, concerts with my dad, she is off to the circus here she goes, william hamilton, “alright well that’s all we have this week check back next week to see what’s going on”, pizza on you, the janice laugh, me and dylan being the same person, jumping cheer pics, tying our fingers together, subway surfers Ellen: tickle-me pink toyoter, project linus, you winning hitman, sitting in camilla’s yard for an hour, you after stephen’s house, lil’s sink, logan simmons, harrison toomey, luxury boutique, running away, dennis and justin, 8th grade history, going way too hard in the car, maad city, snoggin in the USA, cinco p, Dennis and Justin, bill of rights, my grandmothers house, earl, 16 shots, taco bell quesarito, the freshmen boys, jeneane, patrick in the chimney, what does the fox say, Game of Thrones, Cash Sh.., you dumping me off your shoulders in 8th grade, smellen, harrison toomey, young thug, lil p…. on Soundcloud, being late to everything, your song remixes, charles and james, Rivoli, the longest ride, jenius, smada nyrhtak nelle, logan simmons <3, milk at restaurants, the moneys, cheesing cars, setting up cameras in the teen room, running away from your house at age 6, your love for cheerleading, honeybee, jay, our makeshift blinds, bass package, missing you sooo much, fish n pig Holly: O.M., dragging our friends around Atlanta, HBS tik-toks, helping me when I fainted, cinna-stix, your greenhouse, laughing at my relationship, salt at Harry’s house, Vanilla, our wreck (sorry), get up and don’t be a bum, the kid ashton shoved down the bleachers Sara Kate: singing Best I Ever Had to cars passing by, life of a Hershey’s kiss, chamonix moondance and reece, that brownie with marshmallows, açaí bowls, todd, brail on the menu at Johnnys, YOUR LAKE HOUSE, margs, coach brandon, soccer, the south alabama soccer team, your wheelchair, millie Nate: Monticello, just being kuntry, freshman year sadies, looking in your car during breakfast for like 20 minutes, Sykes, going 75 in lake wildwood, being an honorary member of the Sexy 7, heartfelt snapchat video in milly, deer meat, peer mentors, my brother, sleeping on the dog bed at the lake Ben: fatty, FT pics, our bet, Hartley Bridge, pettiness, mozzarella sticks, Alone Again Naturally, Don’t Worry Be Happy, sighs, astronaut helmet, eyerolls, fiji water, hiking, best christmas present ever, 6 feet apart, Hall, ashton, gabby, secret cheerleader, Black Christmas, piggy, ab workouts, 9 babies, daisy, angry elf Matt: study hall, our hatred in third grade, UVA really not wanting us, our band in 7th grade, ap chemistry Susan: good luck pennies in our socks, our handshake with Dani, my co-captain for like three games, rachael keown, B.O.B., coach hale, sway, makeshift captain bands out of tape Kate & Caroline: Snuffy Snoopy and Chum, the care bears and care bear songs, zebracalfakiss, the positivity circle, Rachael Keown, our handshake/dance routine Waldon: Mclovin, being my boyfriend, the handshake, hating liz, the moving wallpaper Kendall & Claudia: Jaspar, XC, The XC snap group Lil and I were excluded from, our disney room, Klendall, y’all never actually running in a meet Evie: our track relay team, being not well every party, running the flag, you’re coming to visit me Kate: Looney toons, snapchatting rachael k, 12 minute runs, our goal celebration tik tok dance, coach kate, it is what it is Helen: chick fil a chicken from the cows at rock ranch, your woah, our track relay team Caroline: care bear videos, soccer rainbows, exploding deer, dances  Mary Elaine: the bachelor, your mom’s delicious desserts, soccer buns, ben’s gum Kendall: all the you-know-what sticks in the world, me stealing your thing every party, tik tok dances, you being the meanest person ever, your shins, cross country and track manager, pls come visit me Abby: birthday parties, shut up there charlie Claudia: your talon in disney Niya: the “I Like It” dance Cold Devenney: Ellen


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