Abby Ellison

Haley Ellison; being the favorite (sike), having the same taste in music, not replying to tik toks, doing me favors all the time, two foot terror, cake baking, not sending streaks, eat my bubbles, being in the same lane at swim, after school snacks, song remixes, “I dropped my sister,” the renegade dance, annoying noises, being better than me at math and science, delivering you cookies on new years, stealing clothes, double piercings, no pressure, fit them for their royal ball gowns

SOGGY SOPHOMORES: secret swimmer, my playroom, our DMs, all of us quitting swim at the same time

LAX: having a nearly perfect record last year, the shortest season ever, star drill, Q, 4:04, lax party, conditioning 

Anna Mincey: soccer team 24, laxatives, taco bell, summer school being cancelled, going in the creek after practice, tearful phone calls

Lila McCord; the chin hair, chad, corn dog, 5th period, being on opposite ends of the cheer lines, facetime group calls, tik toks, the checker clout goggles, liking my mom more than me, taking many a laxative

Jenny Belle Butler; nasty raspberries, babysitting adventures, peppa at music midtown, harry styles, stranger things, glee, thinking one direction was coming to palmetto bluff (they weren’t), fairy hair, crime junkie

Anna Grace Grossnickle; superwholock, black eyeliner, derping at swim lax and cheer, stats, feminist pins, exploding hot tubs, ballet carpool, sam jefferson andrews, the milk fic, putting kehlani in her place, tik tok dances, manchester girl dont hate me, speaking cursive, halsey

Lucy Boswell; oompa loompa eso ano, earring business, dating on tik tok, BK, the logan snapchat, emotional rants, “beefing” in ninth grade, the donut song

Liza Boswell; mom energy, orange theory at 6am, that picture at the hospital, mr brightside, THE video, scarring you in the science building :(, sarah koplin kisses

Grey Faulkner; relationship goals, charity work, head and shoulders body wash, breakup on FaceTime, emma crowe, our entire friend group in sixth grade leaving us

Matt Newberry; spitting on me in pre-k, family dinners, birthday scavenger hunt, weagle party at sarah’s, jeanene’s, car malfunctions, being every parent’s dream, West Palm Beach, being the favorite child, pep club legend, mud on my brand new converse, twin birthday, party mix, almost killing each other

Riley Davis; being the youngest, ginger, your cousin wanting to kill me, tik tok tea, the souvenir socks, MARS, halloween after guy’s, andrew delves, secreter society, the infamous night at Carter’s, the fair, cairo, tinder

Susan Hightower; the steam room, being slapped, kayaking across the lake, “can you aux?”, soccer sophomore year, the friendship bracelet

Maya Rubinstein: maybe, hallway hugs, drawing emma’s eyebrows on, mental breakdowns

Andrew Delves: you’re the only 10 I see, lower school crush, CEO of having a loud car, giving me advice because I’m dumb, being the best guy friend of all time

George Seagraves; magic pig, cowboy hobo, wingman of a lifetime, sad country music, kewww, goblins, wooden bridge

Harrison Tuck: POB2, road trips to orange beach, donna and lester

Om Patel: shotta flow, jack miscall’s backyard, photo roulette, lightning mcqueen, lila force feeding you a chicken mini, belly flopping on bean bags, being blocked on snapchat, driving foj to riley’s house, harry styles CD

Carter Eddlemon; the golf course on halloween, “now wait a minute,” middle school pool parties, absolutely obliterating my knee on your coach 

Hamp Tiller; car rides, Hubert’s lemonade, fresh market, olive garden, halloweenies, ex neighbors, virtual reality, noodle hat, accelerated chemistry sophomore year, wreaking havoc in any class we have together 

Samuel Barrow; concussions, and i oop, telling my dad I kissed a boy in middle school, having a really cool shirt at music midtown

Nate Jones; lemon on a chain with V cut, lauren, sixth grade relationship, sorority sister, lispy larry, AP world and AP human geography, monticello, giving you advice

Aaron Perkel; inappropriate jokes, chad, straight to the facts, maternity photoshoot, quitting band

Matt Moore; liking me more than haley, that time i talked to your mom in the circa bathroom, hallway high fives, “abbigayle”

Mary Frank and Molly Edward Seagraves; crying in my car after the basketball game, fifth grade cheer camp, sending my mom selfies, annoying you guys in the middle school hallways, collectively annoying George, talking in the cheer lines when middle schoolers cheer in the pep rally

Seventh Grade Homies; hugs in the hallway, me storming in my mom’s room and annoying everyone, giving y’all amazing advice, daily streak snaps

Jack Medlin: Juice :(, banana laffy taffy, charli d’amelio, bless you, sowwy, looooola, lice, wiggle jack, you’re giving me anxiety, tutti frutti, wake up calls, throwback jerseys, menememeneme, record player, wholesome tik toks, DJ Buff, separation anxiety, ginger, indian joker, little rascals, star wars sheets, yoda cake, cabin, lake day


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