Adam Kocsoh

Chidozie: APES, Homeroom, “AP Chidozie”, Star Wars, Marvel, “Uncle Ben just needs to die”(While ranting about Uncle Ben dying in every Spiderman movie

Sachy:College Algebra, Boom Roasted, Itunes Gift Cards, bathroom timers, sea pancakes, Test Folds, hiding your backpack and Mrs. Neville almost giving me a demerit for it., Bug Chungus, Uncle Steve

Ruzan:Poopspoon, Maha, Ant, Tzar of Russia, Babushkas, Carrot Fish

Tomi:Cornbread and Carrot Fish

Zeraiz: Stop Motions and Ant and Juj

Elizabeth: Zoology class and my roasts in zoology class, convincing me to go to my first game in 12th grade

Gabby: Zoology, rescuing a frog while lifeguarding

Mimi:Swimming, greeting on the hallways, Homecoming, Once act, winter musical, liking my corny jokes, and asking to prom before the Covid Cancellation

Will Baxley: Star Wars, Dank and spicy memes

Andrew Delves:Star Wars jokes, College Algebra II and Trigonometry

Grant: Photography and being the Mascot of the Stratford Grant Department

Holly: Fish flakes, Uncle Steve, Itunes Gift Cards, and discrete Math


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