Taylor Swan

DA GURLZ- My house, Lake Wildwood, eyeliner, highlighter, the entire company of NARS, 8th grade year, Paul and Olivia, 4th of July 2017, pool fries, pool food in general, dopester, snack locker, badlands, ringworm, night of joy, skiddly pop pop pop, when Liz went outside in the middle of the night on spring break to dance in the street, BK, animal names, derping, lemonade stands, stuffing trash into coke cans, spice girls, huffy bikes, Zoey101 vid, our spots in my upstairs, our spots at lunch, Krystal before Sadies, when we got Ellen the DQ funnel cake, A luxury boutique, Pierre, when Ellen liked Carter Casaburo’s girlfriend’s pic of them on vsco, the cucumber in Kroger, when I ran my bike into the box, the guy who cannot ride a bike, watching Twilight at lunch freshman year, the letter, sitting at the peanut table, prancercise, the Bachelor, our family and the time Knox told my grandmother about it, sophomore year as a whole, Brad, when Josie fell off Ellen’s shoulders in 8th grade, Noah Lyu GET OUT OF MY UBER, walking down the interstate with our cheer bags, y’all are my best friends and I love y’all more than anything in the world. 

Josie- Those 4 things, the powerpoint, harlem shake video, Milo Manheim, carpooling, Kentucky boys, BWAFF, PLL, 2 am shenanigans, yogret girl, publix cake, physiology, North Charleston performing arts center, lectures from Hank, beach trips, Carter Casaburo, Anna M, “I like yall’s bathing suits!”, drivers ed, ribeye with Kobe, never say “Go dawgs” in Tuscaloosa, when Brooks called his mom, scuba diving, when Mariola kicked the dog, Jordan Fisher’s, stabbing the workbook in the middle of drivers ed, my beach house, sailboats at Sea Island, pendulum, the field trip that was the best day of your life, the keychain, my shoulder and your hip, Aunt Jemima, when my step sister cussed you out for not paying attention during a volleyball game,  beach club hummus, “excuse me sir what does the fox say,” Holden, Jude, when we didn’t get into a prep at cheer camp and you didn’t know until after, food in the air, snoggin, Martha Lee, Seiler, asking “did you read?” when we both know we didn’t, New years 2016, Albaconfita, meeting Amy Adams and getting totally dissed, concerts with Stephens, easel boy, iyiyiy dance, Dancing with the Stars, Stephens and Hank, cheer captains, Fiji, my step brother, tutoring me, my ping pong table, the dawgs and THE NEXT FOUR YEARS 

Lil- Getting lasered in AP world, being brats and reporting our teacher, Spanish sophomore year, Stanislaus, Maui, alien voices, Nalgenes, Acai bowls, fresh fruit with brain eating bacteria, mayonnaise tortillas, New years 2018, the man in Maui who accused you of ruining the trip, sobbing on a paddle board, not washing our clothes, stabbing the work book in the middle of drivers ed, blue button mountains, Carly, angel to my devil, running into Lilly Bell in Taco Mama and her being really cool, cotton candy blizzards, Dylan and Wesley, Albaconfita, your mom’s sandwiches on the beach, that time you called me fat in Maui, Michael, your sink, being an amazing hostess spring break junior year, when your parents got home from dinner early, all the pepto bismol you have supplied me with over the years, calling all the ubers, sleeping on your heavenly mattresses on the floor, stacking pizza on top of you 

Liz- Valentine’s double date, endless advice, dorito salad, long weekend squad, really pushing me to try harder during cheer stunting, our stunt group, my spotify premium, your mom’s buffalo chicken dip and twice baked potato casserole, my ramy brook dresses, my closet, endless chick breakfasts, being my husband, WN’s, when I rear ended the people on Tucker, my aunt Alison, always driving my car, mayonnaise, almost hitting that lady on rivoli with Lizzy in the car, your street smarts, naming our kids in 8th grade and putting the paper in your memory box (do you still have that BTW??), eating my food, driving from Amelia to Sea Island, stunting, that time we were trying to do an extension and Evie landed on my face and I started crying, giving me an arm scratch that time, Twilight movies, our weird stunting connection, that time you said “I literally have no idea who that is” to a girl’s face in Milledgeville, when the same thing basically happened in Dillard’s with another girl 

Ellen- My house, my bed, bass in traffic, “I’ll drive,” church, fat girls cant fit in range rovers, long weekend squad, “can i come over,” spicy chicken go wrap, Sumo delivery, you MIGHT not want to turn, Seuss, splash, laying in the bed for hours at the senior girls house on spring break, Snoggin, the Episcopal church, surprise day, locking me in closets when we were little, Logan, seeing him in milly, the many guys in Milly, the grade above us, never cutting my hair (thank god), I turn now good luck everybody else, cleaning Lillie Sweet’s sink, my feet, texting me in the morning in Milly from unknown locations, Publix cake, rumor bench, finding every good song ever, Sonic (rip), shotgun, Warner Robins, cleaning the bathtub 4th of July, “But our guests are here”, Milledgeville, Diet Coke, jeopardy, the bobcat, gummies, doritos 

Sara Kate- Taylor swift concerts, karaoke, Ft. Lauderdale, Chris you know you are not allowed on the patio, best friends since literally day 1, giving me much appreciated rundowns before tests and quizzes and letting me read your annotated book, your brownie with marshmallows, Jeni’s and Willie’s after Music Midtown, when we were 5 feet away from Taylor Swift and she winked at me,making me appreciate good food, when we used to go to Blockbuster and your parents would let me get all these snacks my mom never let me have, art lessons, ballet, when you were tinkerbell, Mrs. Weaver 

Holly- Teriyaki house, math with Mr. Etheridge sophomore year, music midtown, the fight in the hotel room, helping Josie when she hit the deck, Milly, Physiology, Luke Combs, country music, the lake, Allie, New Year’s, Jim and Pam, bringing the chips and salsa on Mondays

Mary Elaine- being extremely lost in AP Stats and AP Econ and just in general when it comes to school, trying to help each other learn but epically failing, the bachelor and annoying everyone when we talked about it weekly, your moms dessert and you eating the gum out of it, rundowns before Stats tests and quizzes (thank you!)

Nate- making fun of me, being mean, never getting me chickfila, 3rd period study hall, study hall this year, lake wildwood hill, gossip, you think I’m boring but I’m not, the lake, your brother, 

Lila- That nasty smell in physiology, making me laugh at cheer, when we almost got shot at the palace, Wendy

Mary Spencer- Family dinners at granddaddy’s, begging for the wifi password and just not getting it, when we floated down the river 

Grey faulkner- my birthday twin, your aunts wedding

Sophie- txting in AP eng, that really fun dance we had to learn 




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