Teachers rolled up their sleeves, went to work as teens

In honor of Labor Day, we asked faculty members and staff about the jobs they worked in high school


Gazebo Photo by Kate Fruitticher

Science teacher Mrs. Lindsey Spillers worked at Dickeys Farms during the summers she was in high school

Like many high school students, teachers also had jobs when they were teen-agers.

History teacher Mr. Stephen O’Hara worked at a theater over the last few summers while he was in high school in Virginia.
He worked as an usher who had a variety of tasks from day to day.

“It just gives you a little more responsibility, and I think it broadens your horizons just a little bit,’’ Mr. O’Hara said.

Ms. April Bacon, a second-year English teacher, had a job at her local Dairy Queen..

She said it acted as a “stepping stone” that allowed her to keep valuable lessons that helped her get a job in college.

Science teacher Mrs. Lindsey Spillers worked at Dickey’s Farms in Musella. She helped pack and ship peaches.

“Anybody that knows about Dickey’s knows that you just hang out with friends the whole day,’’ Mrs. Spillers said. “Even though it was a fun job, it taught me how important farmers are, how to have a good work ethic, and how nobody can make ice cream as good as their’s.’’

Chef Josh Nowell learned many valuable traits while working for a company called “Good News Television” in Macon. Good News Television sets up lighting, sound, and video for Christian Concerts.

Chef Josh learned about time management and hard work. He also believes it helped him make many important connections that paved the pathway to where he is today. “I met a number of people at Good News Television. I made a lot of contact with people that I’m still connected to today,” he said.

Head basketball Coach Sean Sweeney had multiple jobs throughout his high school career, such as working as a waiter, working at a local farm, and helping in the concession stand of the country club swimming pool.

He sees these three jobs as “wake up calls” to recognize the importance of getting a college degree that can lead you to a successful career.

Mrs. Taylor Neville worked as a tutor in a private Christian school after she completed her home school activities which taught her valuable lessons for her job here at Stratford.