Students sad to see FLIK leave, but welcome new lunch fare


Gazebo Photo by Annie Shih

Gazebo news editor Annie Shih on a recent visit to Chick-fil-A

Senior Shaw London usually gets his lunch off-campus to take a break from eating what he eats at home every day.

Now that there will be a new lunch service, he is happy since he will be able to purchase food from the restaurants he enjoys.

“I will buy the catered food, but I will miss FLIK’s french fries and their workers,” Shaw said.

On some days, junior Naina Rugnath buys lunch from FLIK, and other times she brings food from home.

She is excited about the new restaurant offerings and welcomes the change.

“It is very convenient, and the prices are not terrible. It is worth it,” Naina said.

Jay Lee, a senior, brings lunch to school every day. He said he never really liked the FLIK menu except when it’s spaghetti day because he loves Italian food.

He also said he is not concerned about the higher cost of the catered food.

“I am willing to pay for a good meal,” he said.

Carter Nystrom has brought his lunch from home every day since the start of high school in ninth grade. The only time the Stratford senior doesn’t bring his lunch is when FLIK serves pork tenderloin. He said it’s worth the cost of the new catering because he will get food that he really enjoys, but he will still bring his food, if it gets too expensive.

“I am going to get catering food starting next week because I already signed up for it,” he said.

His favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-A, so he’s excited for that, and he likes the other options of food choice, too.

Junior Carly Blackwood hasn’t been heavily involved with the FLIK plan for her entire career at Stratford. She has always brought her lunch, containing her normal favorites such as, turkey sandwiches, grapes, and Cheetos. She would occasionally buy a side of fries or tater tots but she never bought a full meal from the FLIK staff.

However, she is very excited for the new options Campus Cuisine will be offering.

“I’m most excited for Fountain of Juice and Chick-fil-A,” she said. “They’ll be a nice break from brining my own lunch every day.”

Like many other students, Carly is excited for the new options that will be offered and is eager to eat her favorite FOJ meal —  the chicken tender meal with fries.

Although sophomore Jean Hightower has brought her own lunch most of her Stratford career, she is looking forward to the new cuisine. Her daily  lunch consists of turkey sandwiches, fruit, and a snack of some sort, but she is now considering buying lunch at school “either once a week or once a month.” She is excited to have the option to buy Fountain of Juice and Your Pie.

Junior, Aaron Perkel also is excited about the new lunch options. Aaron has been a loyal FLIK member this year, buying a full meal every day. When asked if he would miss any of the FLIK options, he said: “I will miss the fried chicken the most. It was very tasty.”

Aaron is  looking forward to El Sombrero and Chick-fil-A and said the cost will not affect him.

Junior Emma Hayley has gone to the cafeteria almost every day to pick up her FLIK lunch.

She is sad that FLIK is leaving, but is “extremely excited for Chick-fil-A because it has so many options that I can change up daily.”

Junior,John Wade eats FLIK every day for lunch until recently. John is excited about Chick fil-A and El Sombrero catering. The food he will miss about FLIK is the Chocolate Chip Cookie.