Name: Evie

Nickname: E or Evie


  1. Break the Fence
  2. Have a graduation
  3. Get into college

Something you may not know about me: “I used to be allergic to nuts.”

Best Quality: “I am always optimistic because I think that it always helps me in bad situations

Worst Fear: “Being on Claudia Pope’s bad side because she is so scary when she’s mad.”

Most embarrassing moment: “In 8th grade I was running to P.E. because I got to school late and I ran around the corner into Mr. Stecher and fell on my face and got his coffee all over me.”

Favorite Restaurant:“Fountain of Juice because I used to work there and the food is amazing.”

Favorite season: “Summer because no school!”

Favorite Social Media: “Instagram so I can see what everyone I know is up to.”

Fav thing to wear: “A jacket because I am always cold.”

Morning or Night: “I am a night person because I like to stay out and hang out with friends.”

What makes me smile: “My friends because they are funny.”

What annoys me: “Also my friends because I am with them way too much.”

Vaccine: “COVID so that I could have a normal senior year.”

Favorite Saying: “Does anyone have any extra food?”


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