Yearbook announces ‘Senior Superlatives’


Lila McCord and Harrison Brown have their photo taken for “Senior Superlatives” by photographer Lee McDavid

Lolly McMahon was voted the “Prettiest Eyes”  along with William McCormick in the “Senior Superlatives” for the Overlook yearbook.

“I am very appreciative that people think I have nice eyes because that makes me happy,” Lolly said.

Gavin Martin was voted as the “Cutest” senior with Sophie Waldrop. Gavin described his feeling for being nominated as ecstatic.

Kendall Simmons is not quite sure why her classmates nominated her for “Most Likely to Sign in Late” because she “has never had a tardy in her life.”

However, Kendall said, “I do show up to classes late sometimes, so maybe that’s why I was chosen.”

The senior superlatives are:

Lolly McMahon, William McCormack were voted as having the ‘Prettiest Eyes’

Most Eagle Pride: Nathan Dummitt and Caroline Sutherland

Best Smile: Hunter Hogan and Megan Huynh

Most Athletic: Jack Miscall and Harmony Nagle

Prettiest Eyes: William McCormick and Lolly McMahon

Biggest Flirt: Waldon Davis and Mary Kate Groves

Best to Take Home to Parents: Ben Baxley and Carson Simmons

Cutest: Gavin Martin and Sophie Waldrop

Most Artistic: Shaw London and Jocelyn Tang

Biggest Chatterbox: A.J. Stevenson and Claudia Pope

Most Social: James Michael Reeves and Evie Tharpe

Most likely to be Famous: Daniel Zhao and Sarah Pyles

Class Clown: Ben Jamison and Niya Dillard

Best Dressed: Will Fackler and Miller Cranford

Most likely to return to Macon: Harrison Brown and Lila McCord 

Friendliest: Garrett Solheim and Maddie Fackler

Most Changed Since Middle School: Bond Almand and Alexandra Hall

Best Hair: Jase Smith and Harriette Ann Bowden

Most Gullible: Haaris Ahmed and Kate Wimberly

Most likely to sign in Late: Zayne Arell and Kendall Simmons

Cutest couple that never was: Om Patel and Jansyn Stephens