Subjects Unite! New Help Desk Replaces Math Lab and Writing Center

A new tutorial program started this fall now means that students don’t need to wait until after school to receive individual help in core academic subjects.

Called Help Desk, the new program features a rotating cast of teachers and interns ready to assist students during study hall in the four core subjects — Math, Science, English, and History — along with help offered in the foreign languages at specific times.

“I love helping students advance into their academic pursuits,” said senior Sydney Brewer, who helps with English.

The new system replaces the Math Lab and the Writing Center.

“We saw an opportunity to expand out tutorial services and it seemed like a winning proposition for everyone,” Upper School School Principal Ms. Margaret Brogdon said.

Brogdon explained that the Help Desk is located in the library behind the technology office, as well as the teacher’s individual classrooms. The old Math Lab and Writing Center has been taken over by Ms. Kristy Edwards for art instruction.

Although the new program is designed to give students more one-on-one time with teachers, some students say that they still prefer traditional tutorial time.

“I would rather go to a teacher’s tutorial for help rather than the Help Desk because teachers have more methods in which to teach me than Help Desk interns,” 9th grader Natalie Cundiff said.

“I go to the LSC instead of the Help Desk because the teachers there are more reliable,” 9th grader Emily Fackler added.

Help Desk interns Lindsey Read said that only two students have come for help from Brewer and her during 2nd period so far this year.

“It’s a good idea, but it will only work if people come,” Brewer said.

But senior English teacher Dr. Frank Katz said that the Help Desk serves as an alternative to tutorial for students who might not be able to stay late after school, especially student athletes or other students with extracurricular commitments.

“Students find it convenient to have an alternative to tutorial so they can get out of there,” said Katz, who is available in his classroom during 2nd period, while Brewer and Read intern in the Help Desk office itself.

Katz said that attendance “is sort of a feast and famine.”

“When there is a paper due, we start to get flooded; when there is nothing due, there is no one here. Students seeking help usually comes in waves to the help desk,” Katz continued.

The schedules for Help Desk times can be found near the locker bays in the upper school hallway.