NAME: Thomas Jones


SENIOR YEAR BUCKET LIST 1. Beat FPD in football 2. Make the all-region team for lacrosse 3. Graduate with high honors

SOMETHING MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU: “I’m the fifth generation Thomas.”

YOUR BEST QUALITY AND WHY? “My kindness because it makes me a very likable person.”

YOUR GREATEST FEAR AND WHY? “Snakes because they’re venomous.”

FAVORITE STRATFORD MEMORY? “In YFL when my team beat Westfield on a Hail Mary.”

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT AT SCHOOL? “Reciting my poem in Mrs. Lolis’ class.”

FAVORITE RESTAURANT AND WHY? “Taki because it is high-quality grub.”

FAVORITE SEASON AND WHY? “Summer because there is no school.”

FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA AND WHY? “Snapchat because I can communicate and send funny stuff to my pals.”

FAVORITE THING TO WEAR AND WHY? “Aftcos because they are comfortable and versatile.”

MORNING OR NIGHT PERSON AND WHY? “Night person because I don’t like waking up early.”

WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE AND WHY? “Reminiscing on good times with my mates.”

WHAT ANNOYS YOU MOST AND WHY? “Having a lot of homework on the weekend.”

IF YOU COULD DEVELOP A VACCINE AGAINST ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY? “Corona because we can live like normal again.”

FAVORITE SAYING: “Be a dirt eater” – Coach Farriba

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