SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: George Seagraves

NAME: George Seagraves


SENIOR YEAR BUCKET LIST 1. Graduating 2. Staying in actual school the entire year 3. Being able to play a full season of lacrosse


YOUR BEST QUALITY AND WHY? “Ability to procrastinate, it has been tested and sharpened over four years of high school.”

YOUR GREATEST FEAR AND WHY? “Waking up in bed of frogs.”

FAVORITE STRATFORD MEMORY? “Every wacky lunch conversation.”

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT AT SCHOOL? “Looking back, just about every Middle School day.”

FAVORITE RESTAURANT AND WHY? “Zaxby’s, I crave for a kickin chicken sandwich about three time a week.”

FAVORITE SEASON AND WHY? “Summer. I love going to work, and I love the heat.”

FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA AND WHY? “I use them all about the same.”

FAVORITE THING TO WEAR AND WHY? “Any kind of  shoe besides tennis shoes, they are so much more comfortable.”

MORNING OR NIGHT PERSON AND WHY? “Night person, seems like you’ve got all the time in the world.”

WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE AND WHY? “Family, friends, my dog: good things in life.”

WHAT ANNOYS YOU MOST AND WHY? “Homework, no explanation needed.”

IF YOU COULD DEVELOP A VACCINE AGAINST ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY? “HIV, a lot of people suffer every year and die from this disease and what it later turns into.”

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