It would have been nice to be an ‘Outkast’


Gazebo Photo by Rolling Stone Magazine

If I could have been part of any musical act, I would wanted to handle production for the classic duo Outkast.

While they haven’t had any work together in over a decade, every project that they did create was incredible, and they are arguably the greatest hip hop act of all time.

I would love to join their production team and add in more modern production styles instead of their usual jazz inspired instrumentals. They are incredibly versatile in their music, with party hits such as “Hey-ya” and incredible storytelling songs such as “Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Pt. 1)”.

This flexibility means that they could likely perform well over either trap instrumentals similar to what Young Thug uses or they could sample classic soul music similarly to Kanye West.

If they were able to create another classic album with these modern instrumentals that I would lay out for them, they would undeniably be the greatest hip hop act of all time.