Perfect shooting score provides amazing memory


One thing I accomplished in the past year that I’m tremendously proud of is when I shot a perfect round at the state tournament.

Not only did I shoot it at the state tournament, but it was also my first perfect round of skeet ever. I had never shot a perfect round of skeet in a meet or practice. The fact that I was able to do it at state, and it was my last round at state, are just two of the many reasons that made it surreal.

Skeet was also something I struggled with ever since I joined the shooting team junior year. It continued to get frustrated with myself because I could never improve my skeet scores. Every time I would shoot skeet, I would always be on the verge of snapping my gun enough.

Yet, I just kept on practicing with fellow senior George Seagraves. I finally began to see my scores improve, but I still never thought I could shoot a perfect round. In shooting, a perfect round is a score of 25, and at the state tournament you shoot four rounds, so you can get a max score of 100. My first three rounds I shot two 21s and a 23 which was a really good start. Then on my final round of skeet ever, I was able to shoot a 25.

It felt like a dream. To make it better, I was shooting with George who had been there with me through the ups and downs.

Through all the sports I’ve played in my life and amazing moments I’ve experienced, shooting a perfect round might take the cake for the most memorable.