A Day in the Life of…Olivia Pruett

Welcome to “A Day in the Life of…” We all wonder what our fellow classmates do when they aren’t under close teacher supervision at the Academy. In this series, the Gazebo puts you in another student’s shoes for a day in the life of…


Olivia Pruett (9th grade)


1) Strangest place you have been:

Behind the tunnel of love (the tunnel behind the stage) or the photo room in Mr. Fred’s room.


2) Most memorable moment at Stratford:

When I made Preston Kennedy cry.


3) Favorite lunch item:



4) Best double period:

Study hall.


5) Best uniform combo or accessory:

Navy khaki.


6) If I got a tattoo:

It would be of Sarah Koplin on my left arm so I could look at it all the time.


7) When I wake up in the morning I:

Eat some pancakes and blueberry scones, and think about Sarah.


8) At 3:15, I:

Go to cross country and say a little prayer because school is over.


10) My nemesis:

Loy Sheridan.