‘Can you give me a ride?’


Gazebo Photo by Harley Anne Shurling

Emily Hutchinson, left, and Clarke Jones, right, are finally able to hit the roads.

That was a common question we always have had to ask. We even had to ask last year, we were stuck on 15 years old as sophomores and our classmates started driving. Adults say we’re lucky for being the young ones in our grade, but we think just the opposite. 

We were 15 all of sophomore year. Emily turned 16 on June 17, and Clarke on July 1. 

While everyone else was getting their driver’s licenses, we were still taking driver’s ed courses and getting yelled at by our parents while learning to drive. 

While we were 15, we had lots to learn. Clarke forgot to put her car in park and had to chase it down her driveway. Emily hit the gas when she tried to hit the brakes while taking a turn. But despite these challenges, we were finally able to get our licenses in the summer. 

On July 2, Clarke pulled into the DMV with her permit and came out with her license. To help Emily out, Clarke picked up Emily a few days later to show her the drivers course. Emily was finally “legal”  on August 2. Emily still passed, despite a man jumping in front of her car.

The freedom has been great. We can finally drive to school, pick up food when we’re hungry, and not have to worry about arranging rides for ourselves.