Annie Putzke

Emily McElrath – your real name, pda couples

D. Cheeks – morning xc practice

Callie Evans – pepper spray 

Milind Rugnath – APUSH, shoes, scripts, OKIBATIS, “bienvenue au crab shack”, middle school french

Liam Fickling – limp wrists, tea, hamboning, 

Dylan Driver – the tree that almost hit your head, barbie movies, singing duets, flag man, boofing

Sophie Oedele – addison, dave’s wrath, canned soup, fantasy books, wallace and gromit, cursive, gingerbread houses, ice lakes, new years, pancakes, waitressing, root beer, 

James Burrell – the eighth grade slow dance

Kate Hatcher – Biscuit the Seal, Pirates of the Caribbean, Little Kate, driving in hurricanes

Fiona Leary – dairy queen, Monsieur David, velcro shoes, 

Connor Hurt – talking ben, Steve

Steve – adam driver, young keanu

Brandon Firlottle – the prolife pen, sponges, beef, emos, Amin squared, stare offs in the pit, caffeine, Liam Fickling, two in one shampoo, the great cough of ‘21

Piper – the creamery

Rachel Putzke – wyborne, moldy cheese, Chip, 40th anniversary cake, cutting the lawn with scissors, veggie burgers, cringe cup

John Putzke – taylor swift

Edie Sharpton – broccoli florets, the indian mounds, the jacob club

Ryan Bray – “Hello Annie”, viral penetration, five proms

Mason Speigel – facebook, boom beach, lord farquad, flipper feet, yeezys


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