Mary Spencer Reeves

To Carson Reeves I leave all the car rides, mama’s office, Rambo, upstairs, the front seat, TikTok’s, our lunch number, ps4, my Betta fish, my bathroom, Luigi’s, DQ trips

To Jean Hightower I leave handshakes, pre cal, after game pics, silly putty, dunes twinning, my soccer locker  

To Kate Fruitticher I leave Hilton Head, trip to the mountains, stealing your mom, end of the line during soccer dynamics 

To Rob and Will Fruitticher I leave busting open my lip, car rides to the golf course 

To Abigail and Caroline Crick I leave C’s in  pre cal 

To Gracie Jorgensen I leave defense 

To Mazzy Sowell I leave cooties, IV spot 

To Clarke Jones I leave the dunes 

To Katherine Dent I leave car rides, the lake, Carson 

To Will Lamb I leave hoodies, thrifting


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