Loose Ends

6:40 a.m, time to get up and start a new day,

Or maybe I could lie here for a few more minutes. 

No, I’ve got to get up and make my bed.

Ugh, but it is so cold. I’ve got to remember to put cozy shoes 

Close to me before I fall asleep. Hopefully, I won’t forget to do that for tomorrow 

Morning. 6:48, how did that happen? Shoot, now I’ve really got to get up. 

At least that shock finally made me stand up,

So I guess step one of my day

Is complete. Maybe this will motivate me to not be so slow tomorrow. 

Actually, I’ll be nicer to myself because eight minutes

Does not mean that I’ll be racing to put my shoes

On like I did that time I took twenty minutes to get out of bed. 

I can’t really blame myself, I mean my bed

Is so comfy that getting up

In the morning is quite a challenge. That’s another reason why having soft shoes 

nearby would help so much. They would make starting the day

Not take me so many additional minutes.

Wow, now I’m kinda looking forward to tomorrow.

Plus, tomorrow 

Is Saturday, so I can stay in my bed

Until noon. Actually, I’ll probably get out of it a few minutes 

Before, so I don’t feel lazy for getting up

In the middle of the day. 

Saturday will be fun, but for now, I’ve gotta put on my shoes 

And get through today. These shoes 

Are kind of tight; I’ll definitely buy new ones tomorrow, 

Or maybe I can do that after school today.

Darn, the future. Soon I’ll be back to wishing I was in my bed. 

Never mind, I am actually happy to be up

Because I’ll get to watch the sun rise in a few minutes. 

Yep, it’ll rise in exactly two minutes,

Which is just enough time for me to race outside in my shoes 

And take pictures of it coming up.

What a beautiful sunrise! Maybe I’ll do this again tomorrow 

Instead of wasting time by lying in bed

Because I love letting this image start my day. 

I only have a few minutes before I need to go inside, but it is okay. I’ll be back tomorrow. 

Not even the comfort of my bed can stop me from putting on my shoes 

And spending the first part of my day watching the radiant sun come up!

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