A Day in the Life of…Coach Miles Pippin

Welcome to “A Day in the Life of…” Have you ever wondered what the faculty and staff do outside of the Academy? In this edition of our series, the Gazebo presents a day in the life of…

Coach Miles Pippin

1) Strangest place you have been?
A haunted house in Niagara Falls, NY.

2) Most memorable moment at Stratford:
The football team winning the state championship in 2004 against FPD.

3) Favorite parking spot:
The parking spot right in front of the field house where I normally park.

4) Favorite lunch item:
Chicken tenders.

5) Best double period:
Drivers Ed. Getting to stop for breakfast on the way back to school.

6) Best uniform combo or accessory:
The new skirts that they have in the preschool and lower school; it has a new classical white and blue design.

7) If I got a tattoo, it would be…
I do have one.  It’s a cross with my dad’s initials.  I got it after my dad passed away.

8) When I wake up in the morning I…
Throw clothes on and come down to school.

9) At 3:15 I…
Get ready for whatever practice I may have that afternoon on most days.

10) My nemeses is…
Preston Kennedy.

11) Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Vine?
I have a Facebook, but I don’t use it.