Demerit Watch

Whether a demerit is unreasonable, bizarre, or totally deserved, Demerit Watch documents Stratford crimes great and small.  So hold onto your matching socks and avoid the wrath of Mr. Reynolds.


Name: Thomas Traynham

Class: Junior

Date: Dec. 2014

Offense: Was so hungry he tried to eat a mini Twix during class.  He said he was threatened with work detail for the offense.

— By Mary Kathryn Hightower


Name: Kevin Mcgean

Class: Sophomore

Date: Sept./Oct. 2014

Offense: First demerit: parked in the senior parking lot after cross country practice.  Second demerit: didn’t have a registration sticker on the car. Third demerit: was called into Assistant Principal Mr. Chance Reynolds’ office to discuss the first two demerits, and received another for having his shirt untucked. This was all on the same day.

— By Maddi Matassarin and Megan Wimberly