My New Year’s Resolution is…

What is your New Year’s resolution after the holiday season?  The Gazebo surveys our students and faculty.


Megan Wimberly, sophomore: Hit 100 pounds, grow and be 5’ 5″ so I can be average height, and cut my hair because I haven’t cut it in like a year


Carly Wanna, sophomore: I didn’t really make any because they always don’t work….  Actually I have a legit one but I don’t want to say that because that’s embarrassing.


Morgan Herman, senior: To have no New Year’s resolutions.


Ms. Brogdon, upper school principal: To get more exercise because I am very stressed, and when I exercise I am not stressed….  I haven’t started out very well….


Ginny Ann Pinson, junior: To eat ice cream every week.


Abigail Smith, freshman: To stay more motivated about school and swimming and to be more positive.


Carey Woodcock, freshman: To play more soccer.


Kenji Yoshida, senior: I don’t have a resolution but I have a goal: to play 1 through 3 at Rhodes College next year.


Nisha Shetty, senior: To finish up my senior year well.


Morgan Mathis, freshman: To eat healthier.


Mr. Stecher: I bought a seersucker suit at goodwill and it’s the size I used to wear, and I want to be able to fit into it by a wedding I’m going to in April.  But if not by then (that might be unrealistic) then by graduation.