Senior Trip Descends Into Civil War

Entering into the winter holidays all hell broke loose among the senior class. A significant number of boys revealed that they would not be attending the annual post graduation Senior Class trip to the Bahamas.

To many in the class, this was, at first, kind of insulting. The people planning to go on the normal senior trip felt wounded thinking those boys did not want to share their company.

DSC_0557[1]“Some of the boys in our grade did not want to go with the girls in our grade because the [boys] thought there was going to be a lot of drama. The negative connotations that came with past senior trips prevented their parents from allowing them to go,” senior Ginny Lane Sheridan said.

Senior Lindsey Read did not agree with Sheridan about this issue. “The reason there are two senior trips is because some of the guys’ friends cannot go on the normal trip because of soccer,” Read said.

Jonathan Dean, senior and star Stratford soccer player, agreed. “I cannot attend the normal senior trip due to a soccer conflict,” Dean said. He is going on a trip to Cancun, Mexico

In fact, there are a least three senior trips planned.

“I know the guys that aren’t going on the main trip are going on their own beach trip somewhere. Another group of people are going to the Bahamas, and another group of people are going on a cruise, so possibly three trips,” senior Maggie Hamilton said.

The civil war came to a cease fire after decisions were made and the deposits were turned in for the trips.  “The civil war is over. We all love each other again,” Sheridan said.