My Favorite Part of Sadie Hawkins was….

What was your favorite part of Sadie Hawkins 2015? The Gazebo surveys our students.


Preston Kennedy, freshman: The dinner . . . chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and potatoes.


Morgan Mathis, freshman: The dancing and the photo booth.


Janie Hatcher, sophomore: The band was better, and we actually knew some of the songs that were playing.


Jake Edwards, sophomore: The band . . . .  That’s it.


Conner Hefner, junior: The date walls were really really cute.


Daniella Chrabuszcz, junior: The Converse I wore were cool and the atmosphere the band brought to the actual dance was fun.


Shelby Walker, senior: The band was really different this year.  I liked it.


Nayah Hill, senior: Dancing and the band.  They were pretty good.


Jacob Brewer, senior: Dinner. Did we have pasta?  No, we didn’t.  Chicken.  Chicken was the best thing.