The Pajama Game Confirmed as Fun Winter Musical

Stratford’s winter musical, “The Pajama Game,” finished its three-day run on March 2. A cast of seventy students, grades 1 – 12, performed the show in the Henry H. Tift IV Fine Arts Auditorium following eight weeks of after-school rehearsals.

“The plot of the show is about workers in a pajama factory who challenge the owners for a 7-½ cent raise,” Ms. Sylvia Haynie, Director of Theatre, said in an e-mail interview.

Ally Parker and Griffin Hutchins lead the cast in The Pajama Game.
Ally Parker and Griffin Hutchins lead the cast in The Pajama Game.

“Ms. Haynie worked tirelessly. When you have a large cast, it’s hard to work around everyone’s schedules. Some people didn’t even come to a single rehearsal,” sophomore Cameron Walsh said. Walsh sang two of the musical’s 16 songs, “Steam Heat” and “Hernando’s Hideaway.”

The two-hour production was a fun experience for the audience as well as the actors. “The auditorium was almost full, and the costumes were cool,” freshman Vannah Zawacki said. Zawacki came to see her friends perform.

“The play was a very fun experience. It allowed you to become friends with people in all grades, and it gave you a sense of community and togetherness,” Ellie Minette, sophomore said. “The costumes were also nice,” Minette added.

Junior Ally Parker and senior Griffin Hutchins played the lead roles in the 17 scene production. Juniors Walker Gibbons, Stephen Mosley, Cameron Walsh, and Sarah Kate Sellers were also major players.

Initially, some student actors were a little skeptical about the plot line in the classic 1950’s musical comedy.

“When I first read the script, I thought it wouldn’t be that entertaining, but I was proven wrong,” freshman Anna Kate Alford said. “It took a person who was willing to investigate the plot and truly be ‘in it’ for entertainment,” she added.

“I thought it wasn’t going to be that good, but it was a lot better than what I was expecting,” freshman Jeffrey Hale said.

Once rehearsals began, however, the actors grew fond of the plot. “It was one of the funniest plays,” Mosley said.

“It’s sad that it’s over, and I’m excited to start next year again, but, at the same time, I’m glad to have a break,” Walsh said.

“The play was amazing, and I think they did a great job,” Mr. Ben McClain, upper school Spanish teacher, said.