Getting to know the new Upper School teachers


Name — Mr. Tyler Brown

Family — Wife: Amanda

Teaching Responsibilities — Economics and Weightlifting

Interests/Hobbies — Baseball, Football, Reading Fiction, Playing Golf (terribly)

Favorite Food — Pizza. Domino’s is the Best!

Favorite Color — Navy Blue of course.

Favorite Book — The Bible, and my favorite fiction book is “The First Law Trilogy.”

Favorite Movie — Impossible to answer. “Godfather.” “Major League.”  “Braveheart.” “Field of Dreams.” LOTR Trilogy.

Favorite Actor or Actress — Al Pacino/Robert De Niro. Would say Mel Gibson but he is a crazy person now.

Favorite Recording Artist — Ellie Goulding. T Swift is a close second.

Why I Love Teaching — I love working with young people and helping them reach their potential. Teaching and coaching are truly what I love to do. I love to compete, and teaching/coaching allows me to do that.

Something You Should Know About Me — I can’t drink coffee because I already have too much energy. Coffee turns me into a crazy person.

My Favorite Quote — “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” — Yogi Berra

Pumpkin_Patch (3)

Name — Ms. Morley … Tried to be Ms. Conn but it’s not sticking (5th period boys).

Family — Well, my family is slowly taking over Stratford. I have two cousins in LS, two in MS, and one is a freshmen and my sister (MacKenzie Conn) is a senior. Also, one of my uncles assists with the lacrosse team. Watch out, Dr. Veto, I’m moving up the ranks!  … Just kidding, please don’t fire me. But as for myself , I have a cactus in my “garden” because I don’t have to water it as much… does this count?

Teaching Responsibilities — I attempt to keep four freshmen and eight sophomores in line and focused. It’s never boring in our little room. But I have peppermints and butterscotch so that’s how I lure them to my room and entice them into completing homework and study guides. So far, it’s working.

Interests/Hobbies — Running, eating, playing soccer with my buddy Coach Kate,  and sleeping. And I try to eat ice cream as often as possible. I read on the internet that it’s good for you.

Favorite Food — The Joey special: two pizzas. Pizza and sugar cookies: It’s what I eat everyday in the lunch room. No joke. Ask Mr. Wells

Favorite Color — Yellow and glitter

Favorite Book — “To Kill a Mockingbird” – duh

Favorite Movie — I like a lot of movies. I have a Reel Rewards card and they keep giving me credit for how much I use it.  It is kind of embarrassing. But I am not even going to try to deny the fact that I love the “Twilight Saga.” Oh and “She’s the Man!” “I’m ninja goalie!”

Favorite Actor or Actress — Matt Damon and Ben Affleck can come and talk to me anytime. But I’ve got to stick with my girl Sandra Bullock.

Favorite Recording Artist — I love me some Beyonce but my heart is with The Allman Brothers. If anyone wants to buy me tickets to see Gregg Allman in February I wouldn’t oppose.

Why I Love Teaching — I love working in the LSC because I feel as if I can relate to my students. It’s difficult for me to grasp new material and it took me some time to figure out what learning strategies and techniques best work for me so I really enjoy teaching other students who are similar to me because I get it.

Something You Should Know About Me — I am highly dyslexic so please stop asking me how to spell things.  Spell check doesn’t know what I am spelling so I doubt any of your teachers will.

My Favorite Quote — “Make it rain.”

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Name — Ms. Aimee Grisham

Family — I’m an only child, but I’ve got lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles!

Teaching Responsibilities — Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish IV and AP Spanish Literature

Interests/Hobbies — Reading, cooking and traveling

Favorite food — Chocolate cake

Favorite color — Pink

Favorite book — There are too many! But the constant favorites are all the books in the Harry Potter series, “Pride and Prejudice and “The Name of the Wind.”

Favorite movie — I’m going to go with Harry Potter.  Again.

Favorite Actor/Actress — Tom Hiddleston—he can do Shakespeare and superhero movies.

Favorite Recording Artist — Prince Royce

Why I Love Teaching — I love how enthusiastic students are.  While they might not always love Spanish, it’s fascinating to find what they are passionate about and getting to be a part of their journey into the world.  Also, if I can help people learn to love a language, I’ll consider that a major win!

Something You Should Know About Me — I really love to travel!

My Favorite Quote — “Not all those who wander are lost”

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Name — Mr. Ed Grisamore

Family — Wife: Delinda. Children: Ed, Grant and Jake. Grandchildren: Grayson Brewer Grisamore and Sterling Gray Grisamore.

Teaching Responsibilities — Journalism (newspaper and yearbook), Creative Writing, Help Desk and Publications.

Interests/Hobbies — Reading. Porch swing. Travel. College football. Big Green Egg. Shade-tree gardening. Solvitur Ambulando.

Favorite Food –– The “Monte Gristo” sandwich at Molly’s Cafe. (Mostly because it’s named after me.)

Favorite Color — Red is the universal color.

Favorite Book — “All Over but the Shoutin’ ” by Rick Bragg.

Favorite Movie — “The Wizard of Oz.”

Favorite Actor or Actress — Tom Hanks

Favorite Recording Artist — Alan Jackson

Why I Love Teaching — The opportunity to show students where to look, but not what to see.

Something You Should Know About Me — I was the second-fastest kid in the fifth grade. I am an honorary member of The Grapevine band.

 My Favorite Quote: “I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.’’ — Mother Teresa.

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Name — Dr. Thomas G. Lolis

Family — Wife: Susan. Children: Zoe, 5, and Georgia, 3.

Teaching Responsibilities — Freshman English (with emphasis on writing skills, rhetorical strategies, critical thinking, and digital literacy)

Interests/Hobbies — Stories in any medium—books, films, plays, games, etc.

Favorite Food — Spanakopita

Favorite Color — Black

Favorite Book — Impossible question….but probably John Milton’s Paradise Lost. I find something new in it with every reread.

Favorite Movie — Equally impossible. But I’ll go with the last great movie I’ve seen: “Gangs of Wasseypur.”

Favorite Actor or Actress — Vincent Price

Favorite Recording Artist — Tom Waits

Why I Love Teaching —  Each day is a different day.

Something You Should Know About Me — I do alright with a piano.

My Favorite Quote — “My cow is not pretty, but it is pretty to me.”– David Lynch

Matt Singing

Name –– Dr. Matthew Stewart

Family — Wife: Sarah Webber. Parents: Paul and Judy. Sister: Leslie. Niece: Laura Dog: Sam. Cat: KitKat.

Teaching Responsibilities — US history, AP US history

Interests/Hobbies: Karaoke, playing guitar, 60s music, tennis, soccer, softball, trivia, travel, watching football (Oregon Ducks and S.F. 49ers), watching baseball (Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals), float trips on the river.

Favorite Food — Tex-Mex

Favorite Color — Green and Yellow

Favorite Book — “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Favorite Movie — “Hot Rod,” “Rocky,” and “The Karate Kid.”

Favorite Actor or Actress — Anybody but Nicolas Cage.

Favorite Recording Artist — Bob Dylan

Why I Love Teaching — I love the challenge of bringing the past to life and making it relevant to us. I enjoy every day that I can interact with students, get to know them, and help them reach their goals.

Something You Should Know About Me — I participated in a 70-hour kickball game in an attempt to break a world record.

My Favorite Quote — “People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”

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Name — Mr. Brian Wells

Family — I have a mother, father, a younger sister and an elderly dog.

Teaching Responsibilities — Upper School Latin and the Classics Club.

Interests/Hobbies — In my limited free time, I am working on a cookbook, I practice my boxing and kendo, I wish my apartment complex would let me have a garden, and I enjoy competitive board games.

Favorite Food — Mashed Potatoes

Favorite Color — Burnt Orange

Favorite Book — I don’t have just one. It’s a three-way tie between: “A Dirty Job”  by Christopher Moore, “Florida Roadkill” by Tim Dorsey, and “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury.

Favorite Movie — “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

Favorite Actor or Actress — Alan Tudyk

Favorite Recording Artist — Streetlight Manifesto

Why I Love Teaching — I love teaching because students are still open to improvement. That possibility gives me a chance to show them how useful and cool the nerdy things in life can be.

Something You Should Know About Me — At the end of the day, what I really want my students to be able to do, is to think their way out of problems with sound reasoning and evidence.

My Favorite Quote — “Not Trapped, just inconveniently circumstanced.” —The Doctor (Portrayed by David Tennant)