Four students selected for prestigious GCAPS program

Gazebo Staff Writer

This year, four Stratford students were selected for a selective local government program called the Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students, or GCAPS.

The four are Mariam Akbar, Sarah Kate Sellers, Jaedyn Ellis and Bailey Toole. Of these four students, Sellers is the only returning member to the program.

Through these activities, this selected group of  students is able to help out the community while learning about the importance of Macon’s government.

Last year, Sellers and GCAPS participants from other Macon schools, “went out to the lake and several local communities service agencies (gave us) an informational talk.”

She also learned about the “everyday influence the government has on our lives.”

“It means a lot to me,’’ she said. “It’s really important because you get to learn about our local government and how it influences our lives and that means a lot to me considering I live in Macon.’’

It also has added benefits to the particular students as well, as students get numerous community service hours for their efforts and a great program to recognize in the college applications.

With the learning and exploratory experience, as well as the additional  benefits,  GCAPS is a highly sought-after program for many high school students.

Though not for everyone, Sellers suggests that students having or wanting to gain “any type of leadership skills or qualities,” as well as those who want to learn about local governments and their importance in a community should consider applying.

GCAPS-JPG (1)(L-R) Mariam Akbar, Bailey Toole and Jaedyn Ellis are all participating for the first time in GCAPS this year. Above, Sarah Kate Sellers is entering her second year with the program. (Photo by LIZZI CLAYTON)