VOICES: Our favorite apps




“My favorite app is Billionaire because I’m going to be a  a billionaire, of course.” — Custis Donner, senior



“I would sDCIM100GOPROG0011682.ay Snapchat because it is a fun easy way to communicate with my friends and send really ugly pictures of myself.” — Emily Sheridan, sophomore


“My favorite app is Instagram. It’s like Facebook for young people!” — McKay Powers, freshman


“Probably Snapchat or Instagram, because I use them a lot!’’ — Cal Whitworth, sophomore





“My favorite app is Snapchat because it allows me to talk to others with the touch of a button! I like that I can share my favorite moments with my friends anytime. It’s a fun app, and I’m glad that I downloaded it.” — Chandani Pate, freshman

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“My favorite app is Ingress because, with it, I can do what is called “geosaging,” That’s a social function that basically allows people from all around town to get together to play games.” — Dylan Ogle, senior



“I really love Instagram because it is a great way to keep with your friends. It is a fun thing to use in your free time.” — Maggie Greer, junior

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“Probably Snapchat. It allows you to express yourself in real time!” — Margo Hannan, sophomore


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“Probably Spotify because I can get any music I want for free and I can listen to it whenever.” — Tarab Ajjan, junior



“My favorite app is Instagram because I like to see what people are doing
throughout the day.” — Ellie Peterson, IMG_3050sophomore

“I like Spinrilla because it makes it easier to listen to music, and I love music.” —
Quintez Cephus, senior

“My favorite app is Tumblr. I literally spend like three hours on it.” — Izzy McSwain, freshman