Eagle Snapchatters taking selfies to new level

By Lizzi Clayton, Gazebo Assistant Editor

With its most recent update, Snapchat has created a new way to take selfies with “lenses” to morph your face and add elements to create different photographs. Here are some of Stratford students’ favorite lenses and their corresponding selfies.

IMG_4946                                      Sahan Vangala, sophomore, “The Scary Face”

IMG_4954 Coleman Rozier, junior, “The Blushing Rainbow” Face





Nathan Dillard, junior,”Old Man Face”




IMG_4953Shijing Gong, Pan Qi,  juniors, “Crying Face”






Loy Sheridan, junior,
“The Purple Scary Man Face”



IMG_4935Zane Holliman, Junior, “Blushing Rainbow Face






Charlie Giles, freshman, “The Scary Face”






5B3984DB-9996-4FA4-90B8-2B283587D47DMonica Montalvo, junior, “Heart Eyes Face”




Daniella Chrabuszcz, senior, “Blushing Rainbow Face”