If our mascot wasn’t the Eagles, what would it be?

“Uhhh. The Dirteaters. Why? Because if you’ll eat dirt, you’ll do just about anything.’’ — Mark Farriba, head football coach




“I think the school mascot would be Coach Farriba because he has so much spirit!” — Caroline Herman, sophomore






“A duck because it’s easy to make cheers about. In addition, a duck would be extremely cute to put on signs.”–  Caroline Durkee, sophomore






“I’ve never really thought about that before but maybe like the Blue Devils. Yeah I think I’ll go with that. Does that sound okay? ” — Drake, Miscall, freshman






“Ogre because when people come to our swamp, they can’t leave.” — Custis Donner, senior







“Da Vinci, or another Renaissance thinker/artist, because they were ahead of their time.” — Maggie Greer, junior






“Hippopotamus because they’re nice, fierce animals. It’s way more fierce than the Trojans and Vikings.” — Luke Slappey, junior






“Stratford Hurricanes because when we whip up our game, we put the beat down on people.” — George Dunwody, junior






“Vulture. I don’t know. It’s another bird of prey.” — Alex Smith, sophomore







“The Condor because it’s a very intimidating bird.” — Robert Clark, senior







“Fox…because we’re foxy.” — Loy Sheridan, junior




Thomas Traynham



“Box-Cutter because it’s a good representation of Stratford” —  Thomas Traynham, senior








“The Tigers, because I wanna go to LSU.” — Russell Mole, junior




slocumb pyles



“The Spartans! Because it’s an alliteration and it’s pretty intimidating.”–  Jackson Pyles and Thomas Slocumb, seniors



Cathernine Brown


“I don’t know.. what’s something unique sounding? Maybe the unicorns or… no,  I would want to be the bulldogs because they sound like they would be aggressive!!” — Catherine Brown, sophomore





“Wow okay that’s hard.. If we weren’t the Eagles? Evans, do you know? I’m not sure, maybe something like the Panthers.’’ — Sloane Ramsbottom, sophomore



“I’ve never really thought about it.. If we weren’t the Eagles? I don’t know, probably the Cougars or something?’’ — Evans McCook, sophomore



“We would probably be the Dragons. I don’t know why.” — McKinley Thompson, freshman