VOICES: Your favorite homecoming dress-up day?


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“Horror day because it was fun. I did it with my friends.” – Anaya Thomas, freshman (Photo by Carly Wanna)

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“Um… Probably Disney Day!” – Laney Tuck, senior (Photo by Hadley Neal)


“Since my favorite holiday is Halloween, I liked Horror Day.” — Thomas Slocumb, senior (Photo by Haven Thibodeaux)


“Sports Day because I like sports.” – Tyler Jordan, sophomore (Photo by Leah Davis)

61EDD15E-F7D2-44A3-969C-F0CD4F9A937E“I liked the Disney day the best because I think most people dressed up that day.” — Noah Fenimore, freshman and dressed (with spoon) as a “cereal” killer (Photo by Anna Parel)

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“I would say sports day because it was easiest to dress up as.” – Sam Clark, freshman (Photo by Regan Oliver)

72272661-151C-43FA-9DC7-51526779F648 (1)“I didn’t really dress up for any other day, so I guess sports day.” –Stephen Mosley, senior (Photo by Kenzie Muenzer)