Young artists draw own ‘selfies’

Preschool student Parker McCain poses next to her “selfie.” (Photos by ANNA PAREL and KENZIE MUENZER)

By ANN PAREL and KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff Writers

Preschool and lower school students recently participated in an art project known as “Selfies.”

The students were asked to portray themselves as they believe they are seen.

Art teacher Kathy Fox instructed them to draw how they feel they are inside and out, as an effort to teach them how art relates to life.

The students were excited about the project. The gallery is on display in the lower school art classroom.

Grayson Payne is proud of this self-portrait. (Photos by ANNA PAREL and KENZIE MUENZER)
Artwork preschool and lower school students is displayed. (Photos by ANNA PAREL and KENZIE MUENZER)