Student artists promote awareness of rescue animals

Artword by Stratford senior Ramsie Whitworth

By DEEP PATEL, Gazebo Assistant Editor

Driven by a mission to find homes for dogs and cats, Stratford art teacher Kristy Edwards has introduced an idea to her classroom.

She recently took her class to visit an animal shelter, where each student selected a dog or cat to photograph. The S.A.F.E. (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) is located on Fulton Mill Road.

After their visit to the shelter, students were assigned to design posters for the pets in need of adoption.

Edwards said the idea for the project came after she rescued a lost dog on the street and took the animal to the shelter.

Students in the class were enthusiastic about the idea using art to raise awareness of rescue animals.

“Spending time with the animals was the easy part,’’ said junior Jake Edwards. “The difficulty came when you tried to relay the animals character into the painting and raising awareness and helping out the shelter in an area you knew you could help was great.”

Now, each student has a full-size printed copy of their poster to help raise awareness. They are on display in the front lobby of the school.

Artwork by Stratford senior Robert Clark
Artwork by Stratford junior Shijing Gong
Stratford students Megan Wimberly, Janie Hatcher, Ames Jamison and Sim Patrick work on drawings at S.A.F.E. shelter (Photo courtesy of Kristy Edwards)