Yearbook announces 40 senior superlatives for 2015-16

“I’m very appreciative of my classmates, and, even though it’s biggest chatterbox, it’s a good bad thing, and I like it.” — Hinal Patel, “Biggest Chatterbox.” (Photo by CARLY WANNA, Gazebo Editor)
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“I don’t know. I don’t see myself as the nicest person. I think high fives and door holdings were the keys to my success.” — George Lind, “Friendliest.” (Photo by CARLY WANNA, Gazebo Editor.)










The 2015-16 Senior Superlatives for the yearbook were announced at Tuesday’s assembly by Overlook editor Libby Ellison and senior section editor Holland Jones.

                          Senior Superlatives

EAGLE PRIDECarter Canady and Ally Parker

BEST SMILE:  Asa Marshall and Colyar McCord

MOST ATHLETIC:  Quintez Cephus and Mary Wilson Avant

PRETTIEST EYES:  Jackson Pyles and Mary Oren

BIGGEST FLIRT:  Sim Patrick and Ally Raymond

BEST TO TAKE HOME TO PARENT:  Felton Hatcher and Ramsie Whitworth

CUTEST:  Wentao Wu and Cali Ruth Hayes

MOST ARTISTIC:  Thomas Slocumb and Ann Thompson

BIGGEST CHATTERBOX:   Thomas Traynham and Hinal Patel

MOST SOCIAL:  Jack Evans and Laren Durkee

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED:  Shishir Bandi and Michelle Tang

CLASS CLOWN:  Jack Peterson and Elizabeth Copelan

BEST DRESSED:  James Mitchell and Riley Anderson

WITTIEST:  Dylan Ogle and Katie King

FRIENDLIEST:  George Lind and Libby Ellison

MOST CHANGED SINCE NINTH GRADE:  Tommy Cleveland and Conner Hefner

 BEST HAIR:  O’Showen Williams and Savannah Joyner

 MOST GULLIBLE:  Tommy McCook and Caroline Rozier

MOST LIKELY TO SIGN IN LATE:  Custis Donner and Taylor Bashuk

CUTEST COUPLE THAT NEVER WAS:  Sachin Khurana and Avery Layton