Environmental design sparks interest in SparkMacon trip

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(L-R) SparkMacon maker Michael Rosario with Stratford students Sahan Vangala, science teacher Mrs. Susan Hanberry, Tripp Vaughn, Rushabh Patel and Price Lee. (Photo by TEJAS ATHNI, Gazebo Correspondent.)

BY TEJAS ATHNI, Gazebo Correspondent

How cool would it be to create something online and, b​oom, ​have it appear in front of your eyes within a few minutes?

That is exactly what the Environmental Design class did this past weekend.

The class visited Macon’s first maker­space, SparkMacon. While class members  had previously visited SparkMacon to explore its open house event, this trip  included a more interactive event.

Students took a “membership certification” class in order to gain life­time membership as a maker at the SparkMacon facility. This certification allows students to use all of the tools available at the facility, including a laser engraver and multiple woodworking tools.

The class also learned about 3-D printing and software. Additionally, students tried the recently­ released Google Cardboard and its “virtual reality” simulation, including scenery in Utah’s Bryce Canyon.

“I thought the virtual reality glasses, made out of cardboard, were pretty cool,” said senior Tanisha Ghosh. “Another thing I thought was cool was the Tinkercad program, where you can create anything virtually and print it out on the 3D printer­­ all the way from holiday ornaments to souvenirs.

“SparkMacon is truly an amazing place. If you are a student, it gives you a great opportunity to innovate and create, not just with paper and pen, but also with tools and your hands. I’m definitely excited to come back to SparkMacon for our next lesson. I really would like to build a pair of virtual reality glasses for myself.”