Students enlist in ‘letters to soldiers’ campaign for holidays


By LIZZI CLAYTON, Gazebo Assistant Editor

As American soldiers are shipped away from their friends and family, they fight for our country and honor us all.

Those in the military risk their lives for a better world and a better America, yet sometimes our gratitude is unheard by these soldiers. We remain safe and know our brave troops are fighting our battles. But how many of us have expressed this?

Knowing many people have never thought of reaching out to our soldiers, Stratford senior Daniella Chrabuszcz has taken the initiative to start a letter writing campaign for Stratford students to write to soldiers.

“As the holidays have been rolling around, I’ve seen a couple things on Facebook and Instagram about helping our troops and sending care packages and stuff,” she said. “That’s when I took the liberty of researching how I could help.”

After choosing “Military Missions” as the organization she deemed most credible and reliable, she has set up a table next to the piano in the front lobby. Students can come by, write a letter, and put it in a box, which she will deliver to the organization and sent to the troops.

Many students have come by to write a letter and express their thanks, simply giving their thanks and making a friend.

The station is set up all week and the letters will be shipped out soon.

“The soldiers appreciate this more than words can explain,” said Chrabuszcz. “This is one of the biggest forms of gratitude they have because they are alone over there and need [our] support and love.”


Soldier Letters (1)
(L-R) Monica Montalvo, George Lind, Conner Hefner and Daniella Chrabuzcz work at letters table in the main lobby at Stratford. (Photo by LIZZI CLAYTON.)