ROLL TIED: Mr Fred’s neckties spread some holiday cheer

Fred Tie 2

Story and Photos by MARY LYNES SUTTON and KAREN JARRARD, Gazebo Staff Writers

Casper “Mr. Fred” Fredrickson has collection of about 175 neckties, which gives him one for almost every day of the school year.

Until last week, the popular upper school art teacher, had a different shirt, too.

“I was wearing a different shirt every day until I ran out and had to wear the same one twice,” said Mr. Fred. “Then, my wife went out and got me new ones.”

At the beginning of the month, Mr. Fred began wearing his collection of holiday ties.

Here is a sample of ties he has worn over the past week.

Fred Tie 3

Fred Tie 5

Fred Tie 6

Fred Tie 1

Fred Tie 4