VOICES: If I win Powerball …



“I would buy a million horses!” — Isabel McSwain, freshman


“Invest in non-lethal weapon companies, like tasers. I’d be a rich man.” — Ben Pruett, senior

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“I would build a house made of aquariums. But it wouldn’t have normal fish. It would have the cool neon ones. My bed and everything would have fish in it.” — Molly Groves, freshman


“I would give half to my mom, and then, I mean I’m only a junior in high school, so probably pay for college, and then use the rest for shopping. I mean I would probably brag at first. But, after a while,  I’d probably be normal again.” — Aysha Roberts, junior


“I’d probably give it all to charity. No. I don’t know. Buy a music studio? Or buy a bunch of movie equipment and make a movie, and then hire Elle Fanning to star in the movie with me. Just like Ben, I’d be a rich man.” — Stephen Mosley, senior.


“I would buy lots of shoes!!” — Kaitlyn Neel, freshman


“I saw this thing online that was like, if you distribute the lottery money evenly among everyone in America, there wouldn’t be any poverty. That was a very pageanty, Miss America answer, but I don’t need a billion dollars. And I wouldn’t tell anyone.” — Katie King, senior


“One million dollars would go to kids with hunger. One  million dollars would go to college. One million dollars goes to Taco Bell or any other (fast-food) restaurant. The rest I would use to buy a football team.” — Rushabh Patel, freshman


“Keep it … Well, you have to invest it. But I’d pay off existing debts and hold on to the rest of it. I don’t think it would change me, however I would have to change to accommodate all the requests from my family, friends, and charities. I’d probably have to set up an office to manage it all.” — Mike McCue, technology instructor


“I’d just put a bunch of money towards school and then buy a car, even though I can’t drive, and I’d invest it.” — Jayce Stephens, freshman

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“I’d buy a nice house, then I’d donate some to charity, and with the last bit I would buy a Kroger.” — Drake Miscall, freshman 


“I would have Justin Bieber serenade me and have a private concert. Well, I would be happy for the rest of my life.” — Jessica Gratigny, junior


“I would use it to go to all the concerts that we wanted to go to and you could meet Matty Healy. No,  I would just be able to afford my fashion. I don’t think I’d change.” — Meggie Aivalotis, freshman


“First I would secure college education for my five  grandchildren and then I would retire and travel. And I would probably choose the number 10 to play with because that’s the month that my two grandsons were born, and we’re lucky they’re alive.” — Patsy Hayslip, Learning Support Center


“I would probably start a business and just be smart with it. I would give some money to my family and to the community where I’m from. And I would probably choose the number 7 because it’s a lucky number.” — O’Showen Williams, senior 


“Well, the first thing that I would do is pay off my house and buy a bigger one. I would make sure that Andrew and William, if I decided to stay in Macon, would go to Stratford. Maybe move to Hilton Head. And I would use 3 to play with because I have always had luck with that number and it’s always been my favorite number.” — Irene Whitaker, middle school English teacher


“I would buy a private island in Italy and sunbathe and eat ice cream. Oh, I’d also build a personal gym.” — Emory Sutherland, freshman


“I would buy Bora Bora.” — Autumn Land, freshman


”I don’t know. I’d be way too overwhelmed.’’ — Alyssa Orona, junior


“Well, I really like Pop Tarts, so I think I’ll buy a life supply of Pop Tarts.” – Caroline Horn, freshman


“I would give it all to different charities.’’ — Jamie O’Quinn, freshman


“I guess I would travel around the world and buy all the clothes I wanted. Oh, and I would probably donate a lot to charity.” — Evans McCook, sophomore