Making a splash with the Wet Eagles


By LIBBY ELLISON, Gazebo Guest Columnist

What sport practices four days of the week for an hour and a half each day?

What sport has practice over all of the breaks?

What sport competes in meets that last for more than two hours?

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Libby Ellison

I joined the swim team my senior year to get in shape, unaware of the commitment I would face. We practiced Monday through Friday at Northside Swim.

This sport does not receive the recognition it deserves. Before swimming, I thought, how hard can it be? In reality, it is the most difficult physical challenge I have ever faced.

Aching muscles, sore shoulders and tired lungs are common after every practice. No one at school realizes the amount of time and preparation. We compete against our rival schools — Mount de Sales, FPD and Tattnall — at every meet. We also face tough opponents from the Atlanta area. The competition is cut-throat but it makes us closer as a team.

I have never participated in a sport where the team really becomes a family. I was totally shocked by the connection I have made with my teammates and Coach Travis Morrison, who doubles as the eighth grade history teacher.

Joining this type of team was eye-opening and incorporated different types of people from all grades in high school. I was one of three seniors. There were four juniors, three sophomores and two freshmen.

The only common bond we shared was joining the team. Now, we all share countless memories made in three months.

I will never forget all of the underwaters, the sculling, Walker Gibbon’s protein powder, Katherine Hall’s yelling to go faster, midpool 50 turns, Tarab Ajjan’s positive encouragement, being the “all-time” team, and accepting the name of the Wet Eagles.