Photo Gallery of ‘Spirit Week’

A photo gallery of “Spirit Week” by Gazebo staffers and correspondents.

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“Old ladies” Tift Palmer, Conner Hefner, Ginny Anne Pinson, Cali Ruth Hays, Colyar McCord, Laren Durkee and Riley Anderson have a geriatric moment in the cafeteria on Wednesday’s “Grown Up” day.      (Photo by CAROLINE ROZIER, Gazebo Special Correspondent)
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Juniors Zane Holliman and Loy Sheridan dress as frat boys on Tuesday. (Photo by MAGGIE THORNSBERRY, Gazebo Staff)
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Senior Raine Foulkes poses in her footie pajamas and her tags she had received on ‘Wake Up’ day (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)
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Maggie Greer, junior, is ready for ‘Frat Up’ Tuesday. (Photo by MAGGIE THORNSBERRY, Gazebo Staff)
Grace Deedrick, junior, dresses as a doctor for ‘Grown Up’ day on Wednesday (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)
Freshman Benjamin Jorgensen sports his surgeon attire on Wednesday’s ‘Grown Up’ day (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)
Monica Montalvo Perez, junior, dresses up as a old woman for ‘Grown Up’ day. (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)
Cafeteria cashier Jennifer Quick “babysits” a student’s stuffed animal for Thursday’s “Wake Up” day. (Photo by MARY LYNES SUTTON, Gazebo Staff)
Juniors Hannah Griffin and Alyssa Orona are in the spirit on Monday’s ‘Flag Up’ spirit day. (Photo by AUTUMN LAND, Gazebo Special Correspondent)
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Freshman Betsy Hill gets sassy in her pajamas on Thursday’s “Wake Up” day.  (Photo by HADLEY NEAL, Gazebo Staff)
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Junior Alyssa Whipple is in the mood for some doughnut attire on “Wake Up” pajama day on Thursday.       (Photo by LEAH DAVIS, Gazebo Staff)