VOICES: What would you name your groundhog?

(Groundhogs courtesy of giphy.com)

♦ ‘’I’d name it Olaf.’’ — Wehbe Lee, senior

♦ “Well, I guess I would name it Pedro.” — Charlie Giles, freshman

♦ “You know what I would name him? Penelope.” — Maggie Greer, junior

♦ “I would name it Lieutenant Squabbles III because it sounds cute, and groundhogs squabble when they talk … and lieutenant is a cute sounding rank.” — Kaylee Jellum, sophomore.

♦ “I would name it Ralph because it’s almost like an Elf on the Shelf.” — Molly Groves, freshman

♦ “I’d absolutely name it Jeremy.” — Tucker Massey, sophomore 

♦ “I would name my groundhog Mr. Sniffleton the Large, because groundhogs have the cutest noses, and I want my groundhog to be super fat.” — Victoria Brown, senior

♦ “I guess I’d name him Peter. Yeah, ya know that’s a nice name.” — Caroline Durkee, sophomore

♦ “Uh oh oh!! Juan Lopez!!” — Andrew Palmer, sophomore 

♦ “I would name her Spring because I want it to be spring.” — Kaitlyn Neel, freshman

♦ “Oh!! Dale! D-A-L-E! Dale.” — Tommy McCook, senior 

♦ “Scruff. No Scruffy. Yeah,  I like that better.” — Trey Bumgardner, freshman

♦ “I would name my groundhog Xavier Charles III. I just think it would be cute.”  — Carolynn Dromsky, sophomore

♦ “Aubrey IV because it sounds cool, and my son’s first name will be Aubrey,” — Russell Mole, junior

♦ “I’d name it Arnold!’’– Sanford Caroline Neel, junior  

♦ “Come back to me… Wait! Name mine Stacy.” —  Valentine Grinstead, junior 

♦ “If I had a pet groundhog,  I’d name him Freddy.” — Emily Sheridan, sophomore 

♦ “J.D. III because that sounds cool. It rhymes, and I have always wanted a third because I’m a junior and my dad is a senior.” — Josh Davis, junior

♦ “I’d name it Snuffaluffagus … that or Snickerdoodle” — Drake Miscall, freshman

Actor Bill Murray from the movie “Groundhog Day.” (Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures.)