Spread some kindness this week… and every week

Junior Walker Gibbons celebrates National Random Act of Kindness Day with small gestures every day. (Photo by DEEP PATEL)

By the Gazebo Staff

This week is “National Random Acts of Kindness Week,” and Wednesday was officially “National Random Acts of Kindness Day.”

For Stratford junior Walker Gibbons, every day gives him the opportunity to spread kindness.

“I always try to do whatever I can to be a genuinely nice person and be a positive influence in people’s lives such as holding the door open with a smile,” he said.  “When I was younger in high school, some days I would be down. A simple act of kindness could cheer up my day. So, I decided I should return the favor.”

The Gazebo staff came up with a list of suggestions for students to participate during the school day.

♥ Spread the dopamine: give somebody a hug.
♥ Pay for the meal of the person behind you in the lunch line.
♥ Buy a piece of candy and leave it in a classmate’s locker.
♥ Spend time with somebody who’s usually alone.
♥ Go to a sporting event you don’t normally go to and cheer your heart out.
♥ Leave an appreciative note.
♥ Buy FLIK cookies and give them to somebody after lunch.
♥ Give a heartfelt compliment.
♥ Buy a set of markers for a teacher who always runs out (like Mr. Ethridge)
♥ Help a study hall clean the cafeteria if you have intern or a free period.
♥ Say something positive when everyone else is being negative.
♥ Print a picture of yourself and a friend and give it to them.
♥ Throw away a piece of trash in the hallway — or, better yet, recycle it.
♥ Give somebody a pencil who needs it… and let them keep it.
♥ Tell all the faculty and staff members “thank you,” especially the people who you don’t always think about.
♥ Leave your homework answers in a textbook for the year to come. But keep it quiet.
♥ Go visit your old teachers.
♥ Laugh at a joke, even if it’s not all that funny.
♥ Leave your parking spot open for somebody who gets to school late.
♥ Tell everybody you know to read The Gazebo!