Math prowess adds up for Bandi with state honor


By DEEP PATEL, Gazebo Assistant Editor

“I’ve been a math fanatic ever since I was a little kid,” said Statford senior Shishir Bandi.

He is not exaggerating. For the past six years, Bandi has been participating in  local, regional and state math competitions.

On April 23, Bandi will be one of 30 high school students honored at the Kennesaw Math State Tournament award ceremony. The competition was a Georgia-wide tournament with more than 40 schools participating. The test was mailed to every participating high school.

Even Bandi did not anticipate receiving this distinction. 

“Honestly, when Mr. (Bobby) Stecher told me I was getting recognized, I thought he was messing with me,” Bandi said. “It was definitely one of the more difficult competitions I’ve faced in all of high school, so it felt strange to think I didn’t completely flunk it.”

It marks the first time Stecher, who is head coach of the JV and varsity math teams, has seen a Stratford student make it to this stage.

“I’ve always wanted this to happen because the parents, the principal, and the math team coach get invited to a reception at Kennesaw State University,” said Stecher.  “It’s supposed to be really nice and posh, so this is the first time I’ve gotten an invite, and I was really excited.”

Stecher and Upper School Principal Margaret Brogdon have been invited to attend the ceremony with Bandi at Kennesaw State.

“This is an awesome way to round off senior year and my math career,” said Bandi. “Now, all we need is a Mathletics Hall of Fame.”