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Just what will $7 million buy?


Almost two thirds of Stratford’s Class of 2016 has been offered more than $7 million in merit-based academic scholarships at 38 colleges and universities for next year.

To give you an idea at just how much that is, The Gazebo crunched the numbers. 

With $7 million, you could. …

Buy 5,600,000 slices of pizza in the Stratford lunchroom.

Adopt about 127,272 endangered Pygmy Elephants and help to pull them off of the endangered species list. There are an estimated 1,600 of this species left so in theory you could adopt every Pygmy Elephant left on the planet.

Pay 10 percent of pro soccer  player David Beckham’s insurance policy on his legs.

Purchase 5,388 MacBooks.

Buy 200,000 S’well bottles.

Pay for 875,000 months of Netflix.

Order 94,723 Krystal combo meals.

Purchase 5,426,356 songs on iTunes.

Buy 388,888 lokai bracelets.

Have a closet with 35,000 pairs of UGG boots.

Pre-order 606,060 copies of Gazebo assistant editor Deep Patel’s new published book, “A Paperboy’s Fable.” 

Stock up on 954,980 gallons of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers.

Purchase 41,176 pairs of Jordans.

Sorry, but you still couldn’t buy Justin Bieber.


The 54 seniors are Mariam Akbar, Miles Anderson, Mary Wilson Avant, Shishir Bandi, Taylor Bashuk, Camille Bone, Victoria Brown, Carter Canady, Daniella Chrabuszcz, Robert Clark, Tommy Cleveland, Elizabeth Copelan, Amber Datta, Wimberly Dennis, Custis Donner, Laren Durkee, Jaedyn Ellis, Libby Ellison, Raine Foulkes, Tanisha Ghosh, Will Gibson, Bella Gill, David Haithcock, Felton Hatcher, Conner Hefner, Paraskevi (Vivi) Iakovidou, Savannah Joyner, Sachin Khurana, Avery Layton, Wehbe Lee, Tommy Lind, Jacob Lischer, Asa Marshall, Colyar McCord, James Mitchell, Stephen Mosley, Dylan Ogle, Mary Oren, Tift Palmer, Ally Parker, Clay Passante, Hinal Patel, Rujul Patel, Sim Patrick, Dylan Quintal, Ally Raymond, Aiza Shabbir, Michelle Tang, Ann Thompson, Thomas Traynham, Laney Tuck, Ramsie Whitworth, Carlton Woodcock and Andrew Young.

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Just what will $7 million buy?